Slovenia among the finalists: 2021 Newsweek Future Travel Awards

Published: 23.8.2021

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Slovenia among the finalists: 2021 Newsweek Future Travel Awards

The Newsweek Future Travel Awards highlight those that are (re)shaping the travel industry for the future. Slovenia is among the finalists in the #destinations category.

Slovenia among the finalists: 2021 Newsweek Future Travel Awards

"These destinations are forging ahead," starts the article published at Newsweek's webpage that reveals four Newsweek Future Travel Awards finalists in the destination category. Next to Slovenia, which got nominated thanks to "its aims to apply sustainability leadership to focus on "green cuisine" tourism" and the fact that it holds the European Region of Gastronomy title, three other countries have been nominated:

  • Panama, which focused on uplifting communities through travel,
  • Rwanda with a recently upgraded UNESCO biosphere reserve
  • and Bhutan with the highest vaccination rates and its "Gross National Happiness index". 

Further details are avaliable here.

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