Stereotypes on Slovenians

Published: 4.8.2021

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Stereotypes on Slovenians

Each Monday in August, Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS) will crack some stereotypes on the residents of Slovenia. Check out their YouTube Channel!

Stereotypes on Slovenians

Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS) has launched 5 short promotional videos on their YouTube Channel, which address the stereotypes about Slovenians in a humorous way. Videos are available in Slovenian and English and offer a great deal of fun as well as some statistical data about the everyday lives of Slovenians. If you are curious to find out which steretypes we are talking about, read further. You will soon realise that Slovenia is a land of friendly, hospitable people with a good sense of humour.

Stereotype No.1: COSINESS

Slippers for the guests? In Slovenia, when you visit somebody at their home, you will usually be given slippers. Do you have any idea how many slippers per year Slovenians import? Check the video.


Sunday lunch must be served on time! It's not only about what you will eat (Sunday lunch usually comprises beef soup, a steak, roasted potatoes and salad), but also when it will be served.


It's all about sports in Slovenia. Be it when we cheer for our favourite athletes (who really rock the world!) or when we engage in sports. All in all, we could say that Slovenia is the land of active people.

Stereotype No.4: LOCAL & HOME-MADE

From farm to table. Or should we say: from our back garden to our table. In Slovenia, it's all about home-made and home-grown. Check out the % of Slovenian households that grow vegetables in their garden for their own consumption.

Stereotype No.5: FRIENDLY AND NICE

Are neighbours only for quarreling in Slovenia? Or for competing with each other? Not in Slovenia: here, it's all about helping out.

Some further facts about Slovenia and Slovenians can be found also on our webpage.

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