NEW experiences in the charming seaside town of Izola

Published: 8.7.2021

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NEW experiences in the charming seaside town of Izola

Two new and unforgettable experiences of Izola, intertwining cultural heritage, cuisine, sustainability, and authenticity.

NEW experiences in the charming seaside town of Izola

Discover two new and entertaining ways of exploring the treasures of Izola, a charming fishing town, set on the Slovenian coast.

Roman Tastes Under the Stars 

This boutique experience entices you to indulge in Roman heritage with all your senses. A Roman outdoor dining room (triclinium) will await you in the magical ambiance of the archaeological park in San Simon Bay, with large areas covered with Roman mosaics. In a dramaturgically designed evening, you will travel 2000 years back in time, where a caretaker of the Roman villa (vilicus) will take care of you and entertain you with amusing stories. A tasting of a three-course menu is topped off with a magical sunset in the archaeological park, a breath-taking performance by an artist from Aquilea, and other small details that will make the evening truly unforgettable. Find additional information about the experience here.

The Forgotten Secret of Izola 

The outdoor adventure game is actually a concept of an escape room, the difference being that it takes place outside. The game will lead along the streets and squares of Izola, unveiling secrets that typically remain hidden during an everyday stroll. After a friendly welcome from a guide in Izolana – House of the Sea, you will be accompanied by a mysterious figure that leads you through the adventure game and its 11 challenges. This secret person comes from another time but it will address you through an app. Clues are fun, and the ending is surprising! The game allows you to discover the gems of Izola’s heritage but also connects you to the local environment and makes you face challenges that test many of your abilities. Read more here.

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