The Prem castle escape

Published: 8.7.2021

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The Prem castle escape

An entertaining gaming experience which will take you on a journey of unveiling the secrets of Prem Castle in Green karst.

The Prem castle escape

Since May, Prem Castle in the Green Karst destination can also be experienced through an entertaining gaming experience named The castle escape at Prem Castle. In the tense adventure game, you will have a chance to discover the intriguing castle's history, hear local legends and explore cultural heritage while solving fun tasks.

Unique experiences are a key step in upgrading the existing tourist offer. Their contents appeal to new generations of travellers and visitors and offers new ways of learning about the area. The new adventure game with elements of an escape room at Prem Castle  represents a great opportunity for a playful learning about cultural heritage in small teams, which makes it ideal for families or groups of friends or colleagues.

About the experience

Did you know that once upon a time, something terrible happened at the castle?

While her husband was away, the noble lady swaddled her son. An evil witch disguised as an ancestor turned the child into a cat. When the knight returned home, he asked for help from a godfather - a good man with supernatural powers who fights evil on earth. 

They went to the witch and the godfather defeated her. He returned the child to the couple, who regained his human form. The witch's soul was enchanted by the godfather into a lone oak in the middle of a thorn. Years passed, the godfather died and with him ancient knowledge.

During the last restoration of the castle, the oak tree was cut down and since then strange things have been happening: objects are disappearing, signs and scary sounds are appearing. Surrounding residents are increasingly afraid that the spirit of the evil witch has returned. Who would dare to drive away an evil spirit?

To start the game, you will receive a special device with an app that helps you ward off ghosts. The game lasts about an hour and takes place in small groups (2-4 players / up to 5 teams at a time), children can play, but must be accompanied by parents or other adults.

Eager to find out more about escape rooms in Slovenia? 

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