A new video on Slovenia's green gastronomy has just been released

Published: 20.5.2021

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A new video on Slovenia's green gastronomy has just been released

As Slovenia slowly begins to reopen to tourists, the new video highlights Slovenia's green gastronomy as one of the key reasons to visit in 2021.

A new video on Slovenia's green gastronomy has just been released

As Slovenia slowly begins to reopen to tourists, a new ‘Slovenian gastronomy’ video has just been launched. It offers an insight into why it is the perfect choice for a culinary adventure holiday, and also explores the close connection between first time Michelin stars awarded chefs, producers and the natural world. A dedication to sustainability in all areas have led to Slovenia having been named European Region of Gastronomy 2021 as well as being recognised as one of Europe’s most exciting new culinary capitals.

As the new video showcases, the unique advantage of Slovenian chefs is their privileged access to local ingredients. Slovenian culinary philosophy is based on the principle ‘from the garden to table’ and this is reflected in the close relationships between chefs and local producers, as well as the deep connections between Slovenian landscapes and traditional culinary experiences.

Through the video, viewers will get to know the character and life of all six owners of a coveted Michelin star (Hiša Franko, two Michelin star Restaurant,  Hiša Denk, Atelje Restaurant, Vila Podvin, Dam Restaurant and Gostilna pri Lojzetu, all one Michelin star Restaurants), and explore how their relationships with local producers help define and inspire their world class culinary creations. Chefs Ana Roš, Gregor Vračko, Jorg Zupan, Uroš Štefelin, Uroš Fakuč and Tomaž Kavčič are all presented in the video with the opportunity for viewers to share their vision, dedicated work, passion and love for food and the environment.

Of course, no video about Slovenia would be complete without a look at the unspoiled nature and environment that helps create such a variety of unique local ingredients. It also includes a look at Slovenia’s award-winning winemakers, who are now being recognised by experts such as Decanter magazine as some of the best in the world. 

The video was created in collaboration with the Slovenian Tourist Board with renowned National Geographic photographer and director Ciril Jazbec, internationally renowned director of photography Sven Pepeonik and food stylist Gruša Zorn.

For more information about Slovenia’s gastronomic scene, and to plan your own Slovenian culinary adventure, visit Taste Slovenia portal.


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