Urban beekeeping: Green B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park

Published: 13.5.2021

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Urban beekeeping: Green B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park

5 years of sustainable business, 4 years of urban keeeping, 3 years of being a member of B&B Hotels Group: this is B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park.

Urban beekeeping: Green B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park

B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park is the most urban and green hotel in the centre of Ljubljana. Surrounded by vast green areas, it moves the greenery also into the interior of the hotel. The theme throughout all the hotel's floors are 12 Slovenian regional parks. As the first hotel in Slovenia, the B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park was awarded a prestigious Travelife for Hotels & Accommodations Gold Certification already in 2016. At the same time, the hotel is also a proud holder of the Slovenia Green Accommodation label.

“Our motto is: Reduce, reuse, recycle," confirms General Manager Urska Malovrh. “We are a hotel with 215 rooms, 2 meeting rooms, rooftop, and all activities, services, renovations in past 5 years were in line with our green story. We aim to use recycled material, work with local partners, buy homemade products..."

Back in 2017, the idea of putting beehives on the roof came up. With the help of beekeeper Gorazd Trušnovec the idea quickly became reality. Now, 4 bee families live on the rooftop of the hotel. This makes B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park the only hotel in Ljubljana with beehives, what is more, these beehives are also the highest laying beehives in Ljubljana. The bees that dwell on the rooftop of the hotel each year produce between 40 and 57 kg of honey. This honey is used as a gift for guests and for business gifts, but some of it is also served for breakfast and used to make delicious homemade desserts.

The hotel will continue with sustainability endeavours, with the vision to acquaint people with their green story and make employees, guests and visitors aware of the importance of sustainable development, and about the importance of bees for our ecosystem.

The text and the photo provided by B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park.

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