Here's a little treat for you: we're unveiling new cycling routes

Published: 15.4.2021

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Here's a little treat for you: we're unveiling new cycling routes

What's new in Slovenia when it comes to cycling? Browse through the list of the new features.

Here's a little treat for you: we're unveiling new cycling routes

Slovenia has a great number of cycling routes, suitable for on-road cycling as well as mountain biking. Here, we share some of the latest updates, which will make the experience of cycling through Slovenia even more enjoyable. 

Drava Cycling Route

The 710 km long Drava Cycling Route runs along Drava and connects 4 countries (Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia). Beginning right next to the source of Drava on Toblach Field (Toblach) in Italy, the route then continues through Austria, Slovenia, and finally Croatia. The cycling route is mostly located in the immediate vicinity of the old riverbed of the Drava River, in the area of the Drava Landscape Park, away from other traffic and urban areas. This concept of regulation follows the guidelines used by the Austrians, where half of the trails are organized in a macadam, but nevertheless attract more than 100,000 cyclists per year. This year, two new sections of the route will be arranged: in the Municipality of Radlje ob Dravi (350 m), as well as in the Municipality of Selnica (150 m).

The Pohorje Cycling Route

Not so far away lies the Pohorje Cycling Route, which will be fully re-marked this year and 7 new connecting routes will be added. The route takes you to the wonders of intact nature and Pohorje's sights from Church of St. Bolfenk on Maribor side to the bottom of Kremžarjev vrh in Koroška on the other side of Pohorje. On the slopes of Pohorje there is a vibrant 70 km long cycling route that connects its eastern part with the western. 

Juliana Loop Bike Route

Juliana Loop Bike Route will be marked this summer. It is a new touring bike loop around and across the Julian Alps mountain range. It will connect villages, towns, valleys, passes and plateaus along a variety of roads, bike paths, forest and agricultural trails and cart tracks. In 8 stages, you will have an opportunity to cycle the total lenght of 280km. While the average stage lenght is 35km, the total ascent throughout the tour will be 11,000m. 1,375m is also the average height difference of ascent stages.

Kras and Brda

In Kras, a new cycling connection Komen-Sežana will be launched this summer. However, there is already a number of existing cycling routes worth considering, such as for example the 81-km long Karst Cultural Ring route, which runs through places that boast interesting works of art by artists and artisans of the Karst, and thus connects the highpoints of Karst culture.

Also in Brda, a newly established cycling trail will take you across Italy. There are several different levels and lenghts: a 50 km, 100 km and 150 km route. 

The Dragon to Bear Route

A cycling adventure, which takes you from Ljubljana to Kočevsko. 3 cycling routes with different difficulty levels (easy, basic and difficult). In one or two days, in any direction. We have already written about this, for more information click on the article about The Dragon to Bear self-guided cycling route which starts in Ljubljana and finishes in Kočevsko (or vice versa).

The Path of Four Elements

The new 80-km circular route, which connects the border regions of Slovenia and Hungary, is suitable for hikers and bikers. It will take you to energy parks and springs of earthly energy.

EuroVelo routes

Slovenia is also included in the European Cycle Route Network. With over 5.3 million visitors and an average 20% increase every year, is one of the main cycling tourism web platforms for planning your holidays by bike in Europe. With regards to the novelties about the routes that run through Slovenia, it is good to know that EuroVelo 8 (the Mediterranean Route) and EuroVelo 13 or the so-called Iron Curtain Trail will be newly marked. 

Explore more about biking in Slovenia and feel inspired. 

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