The first foals of 2021 were born in the Lipica Stud Farm

Published: 9.4.2021

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The first foals of 2021 were born in the Lipica Stud Farm

The Lipica Stud Farm has welcomed the first foals of 2021. By June, 23 more foals will join them. The renovated Maestoso Hotel will open as soon as the situation allows. They will also new, thematically harmonized equestrian tours.

The first foals of 2021 were born in the Lipica Stud Farm

The first-born stallion Maestoso Samira XXXVIII and the first filly of this year's generation Canissa XLII were born on the very same day, in the safe environment of stables on Borjača, where all Lipizanner foals are born. By the beginning of June, 23 more foals are expected to be born in Lipica. Visitors will first be able to get to know them in the courtyard of the stables on Borjača, and in the warm May days also on the spacious green pastures of Lipica.

The birth of foals is one of the most beautiful experiences and additional motivation for further work of the employees at the Lipica Stud Farm. On the occassion of the birth of Maestoso Samira XXXVIII and Canissa XLII, the Managing Director of the Lipica Stud Farm, Matej Oset,  raised awareness of the importance of the Lipica Stud Farm: “The birth of the first two foals is a reason for double joy and additional motivation for all who wish to visit Lipica in the upcoming tourist season. We hope that it will soon be possible to open the stud farm to the visitors and enable them to see this wonderful miracle of life. As soon as possible, we will also open the renovated Maestoso Hotel and introduce new equestrian tours, which present a new chapter in the story of sustainable and green tourism in Lipica. "

In a year's time, there will be even more reasons for joy, as professional workers in Lipica are already preparing for the birth of more foals. This is also the foundation of the desired breeding progress.

Source and photo: Lipica Stud Farm

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