Ljubljana in the latest issue of the National Geographic Traveller (UK)

Published: 1.4.2021

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Ljubljana in the latest issue of the National Geographic Traveller (UK)

"You're never far from the green and serene in Slovenia's castle-topped capital." With these introductionary lines Jessica Vincent starts an extensive article about Ljubljana, which has been published in the May issue of the National Geographic Traveller.

Ljubljana in the latest issue of the National Geographic Traveller (UK)

The May issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK) includes a selection of 52 weekend breaks, including Ljubljana, "Slovenia's castle-topped capital". The article, which includes details on a number of places worth visiting, also pinpoints sustainability and superb gastronomy of the capital and the country in general. It is accompanied by a number of breathtaking photos, which were taken by Ciril Jazbec, a renowned Slovenian National Geographic photographer. He has also filmed three video stories for the Slovenian Tourist Board. Since the outbreak of corona, they have reached thousands of followers online.

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Next to being a National Geographic photographer, Jazbec's work has been immortalised by The New York Times, Der Spiegel, Wired UK, and La Repubblica to name but a few. He has received countless prestigious awards for consistently documenting the intriguingly weird world we live in and reflecting upon it. When Covid-19 struck, he automatically reached for his camera and began snapping faces in Ljubljana. Photography is just part of his long-running creativity, he says, but it is an exceptionally beautiful and precious process, which, as with many things in life, is hampered when he lacks inspiration. “The best comes when everything falls into place and you’re in a state of inspiration. That is when we can compare photography with dancing, which becomes a ritual, and photography becomes a reflection of the body and that which it feels.”

National Geographic is one of the most influential media in the global market, which, as a specialist in nature, outdoor experiences and travel, has access to the target public that we want to address. With a team of influential figures and multi award-winning photographers and videographers, National Geographic reveals compelling stories through photos and videos. This is also confirmed by the extremely visual concept, storytelling through photographs on Instagram – a digital channel featuring National Geographic as the world number one media brand with 132.7 million followers.

The whole article is available to subscribers in the May issue of the NGT.

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