The Peterc Vineyard Estate

Published: 18.3.2021

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The Peterc Vineyard Estate

The Peterc Vineyard Estate is a newly-opened upscale retreat, overlooking a 200 year-old vineyard plot. The estate lies perched atop Slovenia’s well-known wine country Brda, where the Mediterranean meets the Alps and where once, Slovenian, Austrian and Venetian cultures met.

The Peterc Vineyard Estate

Goriška Brda hills are home to an endless array of exciting things, including dining at the finest gourmet restaurants or authentic local osterias, touring local award–winning wineries, outdoor activities in the region’s breathtaking scenery, exploring its amazing culture and history, and meeting its people.

The owners of Peterc Vineyard Estate pride themselves in going that extra mile for their guests, offering new concepts such as a Wine Concierge and even a ladies’ or gentlemen’s edition wine lists developed by the house’s two Wine Concierges. You can Adopt a Vine at the estate and receive your own personalized bottle of the region’s prized Rebula wine. For the gourmet visitor the family owned Peterc Vineyard Estate offers another set of novelties: dispersed restaurants showcasing the area’s best gastronomy or, on lazy days when you just want to cozy up and be pampered at your home away from home, their At Our Table concept.

At Peterc Vineyard Estate your good night’s sleep isn’t just a nice byproduct of your vacation. The Sleep Wellness programme is actively aimed at allowing you to attain your best nighttime routine yet.

In this age of new ways of working, guests at the Peterc Vineyard Estate can enjoy a whole new Remote Working experience, complete with multilingual support and inspiring views.

Photo & Text Credits: The Peterc Vineyard Estate

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