The Golden City Gate awards the Slovenian Tourist Board with 4 gold and 3 silver awards

Published: 12.3.2021

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The Golden City Gate awards the Slovenian Tourist Board with 4 gold and 3 silver awards

Today, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) received four gold and three silver awards at the 21th Golden City Gate Awards. Also Soča Valley got awarded gold for their campaign. The awards are given for the excellence in the field of promotional and communication tools in tourism. The announcement took place virtually this year, as did all events at this year’s ITB Berlin NOW.

The Golden City Gate awards the Slovenian Tourist Board with 4 gold and 3 silver awards

Internationally, the STB stands out for its top-quality and innovative communication tools and campaigns, for which it has received a number of awards in recent years and attention from the international media, business and the general public. Today, the STB was awarded with additional seven prizes at the Golden City Gate awards, traditionally presented as part of the ITB Berlin international tourism fair. The competition was hard; as many as 23 countries participated with their numerous works, but the STB managed to receive as many as seven awards. The eighth award for Slovenia went to Soča Valley, for their exquisite campaign.

"We are thrilled and proud that all seven campaigns and communication tools that we applied received gold and silver awards at The Golden City Gate, the prestigious international competition. The awards of the expert commission at one of the most important global tourism exchanges confirm that we use modern, digitized and innovative communication tools and content. Award-winning promotional videos, projects, publications, campaigns and communication on social networks in a modern, emotional, genuine and at the same time innovative way communicate our commitment to sustainable development and invite visitors to unique and safe experiences. Sustainable and safe handling in Slovenian tourism communicated with responsible travel standards and the Green & Safe brand, which is also among the awarded works, will play the key role for tourists to visit the country after the crisis. At the same time, the awards recognize the consistency of the promotion and development of tourism in accordance with the values of the I feel Slovenia brand and the understanding of the new situation and changes in consumer behaviour that we want to address," pointed out MSc. Maja Pak, Director of the STB and added: "This is a great success for the promotion of Slovenian tourism, as 121 works from 23 countries were registered, and great motivation for the team of the Slovenian Tourist Board and also for our tourism partners with whom we design and implement activities. Congratulations also to Soča Valley for the gold award for an excellent promotional video, which shows this sustainable and unique destination in a genuine way."

The STB received as many as four gold and three silver awards for outstanding and innovative promotional campaigns and communication tools

A great number of countries entered The Golden City Gate competition and the STB won four gold and three silver awards. It is a great success that all the submitted works were also awarded.

Music in Feel Sloveni@ Business Date video received gold Golden City Gate award

An introductory video for the Feel Sloveni@ Business Date virtual events, the STB, in partnership with the Slovenian tourism industry, invites foreign travel agents and tour operators to escape from their daily office routine and get to know Slovenia and business opportunities in an attractive, experienced and interactive way. The STB invited the well-known Slovenian accordionist and composer Janez Dovč to participate in the preparation of the video. The video also impresses with a recognizable Slovenian singer, Maja Keuc, author and performer of Back to you, a song about the beauties of Slovenia. The video was shot and directed by Matic Oblak. Music is the international language of love. Slovenia is the only country in the world that carries the English word for love in its name. This is why the STB decided to share their love for Slovenia and Slovenian tourism through music. 

Read more about the winners of the Golden City Gate Awards on their Facebook and website.

Slovenia Outdoor printed brochure received gold Golden City Gate award

To encourage local population to take active holidays in great outdoors and discover their own country, and to increase the recognition of Slovenia as an excellent destination for active holidays abroad, the STB published a "Slovenia Outdoor" guide last autumn. Future trends for active holidays attribute great growth potential to the "outdoor" tourism segment, which was also confirmed by the study by the European Travel Commission (ETC), which perceived high interest in this tourist product among the markets important for Slovenian tourism. The content of the guide, intended for sports enthusiasts, individuals and families, acquaints the reader with a wide range of options and recommendations for safe outdoor activities. An online version of the guide is available in English, German, Italian, French and Dutch. They are available for download here.

Tour de France promotional campaign received gold Golden City Gate award

The double Slovenian victory of Tadej Pogačar and Primož Roglič at the prestigious Tour de France made Slovenia one of the cycling stars. At the same time, the STB team competed in another race: a race of promoting Slovenia as a destination for great cycling experiences. For this very reason, an award-winning promotional campaign was launched, which highlighted Slovenia on various social networks, web portals and through the communications with journalists and partners, including Roglič's Jumbo Visma team in recent years. The entire STB’s communication team breathed for cycling and two heroes during the final weekend of the race. The famous Slovenian green in the I Feel Slovenia brand turned yellow in sign of respect and the pride of our hero winning yellow jersey. Excellent creative teamwork has been rewarded by millions of online users and readers around the world who interacted with the posts, and Slovenia made history as a sports and cycling superpower. More information about the campaign is available here.

Taste Slovenia national gastronomy website receives gold at the Golden City Gate Awards

Taste Slovenia is a new website dedicated to the presentation of Slovenian gastronomy. It was launched in June 2020, just before the presentation of the first Michelin awards for Slovenia. The website brings Slovenian gastronomy closer to visitors, focuses on sustainable production, local brands, self-sufficiency and the intertwining of a rich tradition with modern and fresh flavours. The newsletters inform users about novelties and interesting topics published on the website, direct them to top experiences and educate them about the method of production, ingredients and their appropriate use. The site is dedicated to the presentation of top cuisine, top chefs and their restaurants. Visitors have up-to-date information related to the awards of international guides and international rankings. The greatest added value are boutique stories about various producers, unique in their work and their excellence and whose work has been recognized by many domestic and foreign top chefs who include them in their offers. The website is also a meeting point for information for the general public related to the project Slovenia – European Gastronomic Region 2021. It is available in Slovenian and English.

Silver award from The Golden City Gate for the promotional video Time to stay home. Turn to nature and dream

With the Time to #stayhome. Turn to nature and dream video, which was published in April 2020, the STB on social networks invited foreign followers to inspire and dream about Slovenia and plan a visit in the future with the message Stay home or #StayHome so we can #TravelTomorrow. The emotional address instilled hope that we will soon be able to enjoy the natural beauties of Slovenia again. The video, prepared during the spring wave of the epidemic, used footage created for the video Slovenia Green, which shows Slovenia as a green destination with an emphasis on sustainable messages about green Slovenia.

Silver award from The Golden City Gate for the Green & Safe Responsible Travel Standards communication platform

GREEN & SAFE is a communication platform of responsible travel standards communicating the sustainable orientation and commitment of Slovenian tourism, upgraded with safe travel standards. The Responsible Travel Standards handbook and the GREEN & SAFE label, which were launched in May 2020 by the STB in the partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, the Chamber of Tourism of Slovenia and the National Institute of Public Health, has had a positive response in the Slovenian tourism industry and thus significantly contributed to the importance of providing safe tourist experiences. At the same time, it has also ensured unified communication of all stakeholders about safe and sustainable Slovenia. Slovenia was one of the first countries in the world to receive confirmation that the set guidelines are in line with the guidelines of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). Last year, more than 5,000 users read the expert recommendations published on, while more than half a million users read the content on the webpage, which have been prepared with the aim of strengthening the trust of guests for revisiting. Thus, all tourist destinations and tourism service providers, which carefully follow the recommendations and measures of the National Institute of Public Health and follow the sustainable and responsible recommendations of the GREEN & SAFE communication platform, are invited to upgrade their efforts this year as well. More information is available here.

IGTV Feel Slovenia: Silver award from The Golden City Gate for the innovation

Instagram is a very creative communication tool, providing additional space to design communication tools that are characterized by innovation and creativity. The STB pays special attention to each of the functions on this channel with the aim of achieving a coherent communication tone and artistic expression. Thus, IGTV represents one of the most creative and sophisticated formats of communication on STB’s social networks. The content and visual consistency of communication is what elevated the IGTV @feelslovenia channel into one of the most established ways of presenting information. The set of images, with a harmonized visual expression with the manuscripts, is shared on our Instagram profile, and at the same time individual images are also included on the online portal, Facebook and other platforms. The emotional tone of communication during a pandemic is reflected with longer videos, which allow more reflection, and are suitable for mobile users and remind of those seen on the television. Take a look at our creations at IGTV Feel Slovenia.

The Soča Valley received gold award for excellence in the Go with the flow Soča Valley communication campaign.

The Golden City Gate is an international competition in the field of marketing activities in tourism, which provides a platform to present promotional videos or films, online and print advertising and other advertising campaigns actors. Since 2001 within the ITB Berlin, they award gold, silver and bronze awards to the best three in each of the announced categories.

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