UNILAD: This tiny country can more than compete with the big boys!

Published: 17.2.2021

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UNILAD: This tiny country can more than compete with the big boys!

UNILAD has launched the video series with top five places to visit in 2021. Slovenia "won the silver medal".

UNILAD: This tiny country can more than compete with the big boys!

The UNILAD creators have listed Slovenia among the top 5 destinations to visit in 2021: 

"We’ll be the first to admit that 2020 wasn’t the best year for travel, but in 2021 we’re hoping for a bit of light at the end of the tunnel! As soon as it’s safe to do so we’re sure you’ll be raring to get back out there, so why not get planning now!" These are the introductory lines of the UNILAD video released last week, which showcases the diversity of Slovenia and at the same time explains why the country is worth visiting.

The 4-minute video light-heartedly explains about how Slovenia is "criminally overshadowed" by its neighbouring countries and goes on listing several reasons for the visit, pinpointing that Slovenia really "has it all": snow-capped mountains, green emerald lakes and even a coastline. They go on explaining that Slovenia is an outdoor destination and suggest that it's best to sleep in the camping sites. 

The video also highlights the best-known places in Slovenia, including Bled, Postojna Cave with the Predjama Castle and the capital of Ljubljana, and goes on pinpointing country's main assets: sustainability, gastronomy and last but not least, its pocket size. 

Take a look at the video here: 

Launched in 2014, UNILAD is a major youth platform for breaking news and relatable viral content. Acquired by LADbible Group in late 2018, it now forms part of the world's biggest social publishing company with over 120 million followers.

In 2018, the team of UNILAD creators visited the country, which, based on the fact that they have now listed it among the top 5 countries to visit, amazed them with their beauties. Take a look at the video created in 2018 here: 

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