BBC Travel: Slovenia is fast becoming one of Europe's prime gastronomic destinations


Elise Morton praises the diversity of the Slovenian cuisine, which she discusses with one of the world's most notable female chefs, Ana Roš.

BBC Travel: Slovenia is fast becoming one of Europe's prime gastronomic destinations

The BBC's story of Ana Roš is a result of a webinar series on the Slovenian gastronomy, prepared by the Slovenian Tourist Board for the British media in influencers in 2020. The article is a retrospective of her work, creations, thinking and also dealing with the current crisis. Elise Morton also highlighted the Soča Valley and Roš's connection with the local producers. A special attention was given to Roš's career of a professional skier, which according to Morton has strongly influenced the style of her cooking: technical, almost scientific.

For Ana Roš, Slovenian cuisine is one of the most diverse ones, as it has historically been exposed to a number of different cultures. When asked "Why should one love the world in 2021", Roš highlighted Slovenian stone villages in the Karst and the beautiful colours of the landscape. She said that she had visited them at a time when she could not travel abroad and therefore had more time to explore Slovenia.

Even given the current situation, Ana Roš remains optimistic, she is convinced that restaurants will be crucial in restoring normal life, as people will be looking for good food, socializing and relaxation. You can read the whole story here.




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