Slovenian Food Day and 10th traditional Slovenian breakfast

Published: 19.11.2020

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Slovenian Food Day and 10th traditional Slovenian breakfast

Every third Friday in November, Slovenian Food Day is celebrated in Slovenia. Why is that? Can you guess what Slovenians (traditionally) eat for breakfast on the very day and what honey has to do with it? Read the article and find out more.

Slovenian Food Day and 10th traditional Slovenian breakfast

It all started with the Slovenian Beekeepers' Association initiative to serve local honey for breakfast at schools and kindergartens. Over the years, the "honey breakfast" project has evolved into Slovenian Food Day promoting locally produced food and the benefits of eating breakfast. It is celebrated every third Friday of November.

This year, Slovenian Food Day, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, will be slightly different.

The Traditional Slovenian Breakfast with the slogan, "Breakfast with honey - a great day!", will not be served in schools and kindergartens as in previous years. Particular attention will be given to raising awareness and encouraging the general public to celebrate Slovenian Food Day by enjoying selected foods, i.e. bread, butter, milk, honey, and apples for breakfast, at home and at work. You are invited to join, too!

Slovenian Food Day highlights the importance of the locally-grown and produced food and as such raises public awareness about how important it is to support domestic producers and food processors. Furthermore, it also pinpoints the importance of domestic self-sufficiency, pollination of bees and other pollinators, maintainence of a clean and healthy environment, nature preservation and sustainability. 

Healthy and locally produced food is the foundation of Slovenian gastronomy, which has made great strides in increasing the reputation of the country. Gastronomy is one of the key products of Slovenian tourism and forms part of every unique experience. As such, it plays a major role in shaping the country's reputation around the globe.

Next year, Slovenia will be named the European Region of Gastronomy, and this year Slovenia also received the first Michelin guide. Discover more about the tasty side of Slovenia on our special Taste Slovenia website.

And also, let us recall: It was Slovenian beekeepers who initiated that the World Bee Day be celebrated on 20 May, the birtday of Anton Janša (1734-1773), a pioneer of modern beekeeping. The love of bees in green, active and healthy Slovenia dates far back into the past, and this passion has been passed from generation to generation for decades. The Slovenian Tourist Board and the Beekeepers' Association issued a brochure where you can find interesting facts about the bees and honey in Slovenia.

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