Slovenian Alpine Museum celebrates its 10th anniversary

Published: 14.8.2020

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Slovenian Alpine Museum celebrates its 10th anniversary

This August marks an important anniversary for the Slovenian Alpine Museum: it has been 10 years since this remarkable monument to the rich history and tradition of the Slovenian mountaneering opened its doors.

Slovenian Alpine Museum celebrates its 10th anniversary

This August the Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana celebrates its 10th anniversary. This is by far no ordinary museum. It is an experience of Slovene mountaineering woven into one great mountain ascent. Here, the past and the future go hand in hand. A rich collection of items with diverse historical stories, rich photographic and archive material, and a comprehensive professional library give the visitor the chance to grasp the popularity and importance of the mountaineering activity in the Slovenian territory.

The collected objects, documents, photographs, events, occurrences and stories have been brought together in the story about the development of the mountaineering activity in Slovenia. Modern audio-visual aids and entertaining inserts in individual content groups connect the story with the present time.


On the occassion of the 10th anniversary, a number of great mountaneering personas congratulated the museum for its achievements, among them also the legendary Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner. 

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Further information about the museum is available here.

Mojstrana has always been associated with mountaineering. The first guide service was established as early as around 1800. When Jakob Aljaž (1845-1927) came to Dovje as a parish priest and the railroad was built, the tourist activity and the mountaineering activity in the area increased. Jakob Aljaž was the one to buy the Triglav peak in 1895 for a symbolic price. By doing this, he achieved that the mountain remained the property of Slovenians and not the German Alpenverein, who wanted to own it.


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