Lake Village – the first floating glamping village in Slovenia

Published: 13.8.2020

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Lake Village – the first floating glamping village in Slovenia

From a top-notch restaurant to a floating glamping pod village. You'll find all this in Rožna dolina near Nova Gorica. Get to know Pikol Family and their brand new product: Lake Village.

Lake Village – the first floating glamping village in Slovenia


The Pikol restaurant is renowned for its top-notch hospitality. The village of Rožna dolina near Nova Gorica, set in a lush and blooming environment is known to many gourmands from Slovenia, other European countries and beyond solely thanks to the Gašparin family.

They are dedicated to the authentic tastes of the Mediterranean and committed to the use of seasonal ingredients from the Vipava Valley, Brda and the nearby Adriatic Sea. Boris, one of the owners, is one of the most experienced Slovenian sommeliers and a member of the European Order of the Knights of Wine. Maruška and her son Tadej are the driving force behind the restaurant, which is part of the prestigious Association of Young European Caterers (JRE, Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe). The restaurant recently won a Michelin Plate Award for its culinary creations. The sons Tadej and Taras continue the winemaking story written by their father and grandfather Silverij under the Silveri brand. Three generations have been growing and improving along with Pikol for 40 years. This August, Pikols' green oasis has got a new look: completely fresh and modernised, the first floating glamping village in Slovenia, appropriately named Lake Village, opened its doors.

Waking up among the white lotus flowers

A historical photograph from 1900, showing a romantic boat getaway to the lake right next to the restaurant, sparked the Gašparins' imagination and desire to offer their guests something more. As the natural environment here is truly special, they wanted to offer their guests the unique experience of waking up floating on the water, among the white lotus flowers. For all those who want to be one with nature, experience tranquillity and a withdrawal from everyday life, the perfect experience awaits them. 

"In 2020, Pikol is being transformed into a Lake Village. This is the biggest change in our family, especially in our approach, philosophy and perception. We must thank our guests for the idea of a floating holiday, as they opened our eyes by pointing out the beauty that surrounds us. And that is a natural green oasis that instils a feeling of lightheartedness in everyone. Among other things, the word lightheartedness dominated a large inscription in French SANS-SOUCI on one of the buildings by the lake as early as 1900," says Taras Gašparin, showing a historical photograph of the inscription in large block letters.

Enjoy staying in the lake and forest villas

Pikol has created the first floating glamping village in Slovenia. Romantic floating cottages have a tranquil effect and inspire their occupants with the feeling of freedom. Four cottages called Water Villas are perfectly suited for couples, while the Forest Villa is ideal for families on vacation. The mornings will impress you with a rich breakfast of local delicacies brought directly to your cottage. During the day, you can take electric bikes to explore the beautiful surroundings, including the picturesque vineyards and green expanses of the Vipava Valley. In the evenings, Pikol will pamper you with culinary creations from its top-notch restaurant, which won a Michelin Plate Award earlier this year.

Premium wines are named after the grandfather

The Gašparin family are very proud of their own Silveri wine brand, named after their grandfather Silverij, the first family member to have succumbed to the charms of top-notch cuisine. Silveri is a synonym of quality, tradition and success. The production of wines on their own vineyards in Brda is based on the special features of the Brda region, with which Pikol is simply infatuated. The most famous Slovenian wine-growing region is only a short drive away from the Lower Vipava Valley and Nova Gorica. The hills in Brda lie on more elevated ground, in a hilly, pre-Alpine area that flirts intensely with the Mediterranean. It is there that the Gašparins produce their world-class wines and sparkling wines according to a strictly traditional and classic method.

You will pamper all your senses during your stay in the floating glamping village. Relaxation in a luxury cottage on the water in the embrace of nature will be perfectly complemented by exceptional cuisine, fine wines, sparkling wines, and the hospitality of the Gašparins, who will provide you with the carefree Vipava vacation of your dreams.

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