Trip in the Bag

Published: 31.7.2020

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Trip in the Bag

Trip in the Bag is a new, innovative way of traveling and exploring destinations and cities.

Trip in the Bag

Trip in the Bag is a new product that will astound researchers of all ages as it combines nature wondering, treasure hunting and outdoor escape room. You will liven up your family wandering with a simple backpack and turn your trip into a real adventure.

The idea behind was to make something different for families and private groups. The thing with private tours is that they are usually quite expensive and the price often depends on the number of passengers. Thus, the designers aimed at making traveling more exciting and at the same time keep it affordable to everyone. Their experiences in the travel industry helped them come up with the idea, where each group or individual can travel by themselves without a tour guide and still get all the knowledge, the best local experiences, the best prices for verified admissions, meals, drinks etc. This is how Trip in the Bag came to life. 

The whole story begins with the backpack, which will serve you as a personal guide and at the same time provide you with the challenges and tasks you need to complete in order to find the treasure. The tasks are suitable for all ages and the route will always lead you to the most important sights of a chosen destination, so you can get to know it, learn a lot about it and at the same time have a lot of fun.

At the moment, one Trip in the bag Tour is available. You can search for a Weird Type of a Treasure (Zaklad čudne sorte) in Kranjska Gora. Very soon, you will be able to hunt treasures in Bohinj and Piran and other well-known destinations in Slovenia.

P.S. In case of a bad weather, the adventure can be postponed or finished a day later.

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