Primož Roglič and the story of Slovenian sport

Published: 13.7.2020

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Primož Roglič and the story of Slovenian sport

It seems that the love of sports is written in Slovenians’ genes. Primož Roglič – Rogla as his friends and sports enthusiasts call him – is a person who unites Slovenia and thrills the world with his exceptional cycling feats. 

Primož Roglič and the story of Slovenian sport


During his cross-country rides, when winning at the Vuelta in Spain or the Giro in Italy, his face is frequently Buddhist-like and calm. Growing up in pristine nature, which is like a huge outdoor sports field, is only one factor in his success. Motivation, desire, physical fitness and the support of his nearest and dearest led the delightful Primož Roglič to the top, although he began pedalling only a few years ago. Slovenian hearts have always beaten for our sports heroes, who are an inexhaustible source of inspiration and positivity. In recent years, Primož has been among the greatest.

Love of sports is born in childhood. Growing up with the achievements of sports aces is, for many, the first source of inspiration for how to achieve something that seems utterly impossible. Top athletes are the first idols to make us believe that anything is possible with a strong will and hard work. Slovenia, the green heart of Europe, is an environment where nature is at your fingertips wherever you go. Slovenians are born to be active, conquer the most wonderful peaks, catch the first and the last rays of the sun, and live in close coexistence with nature. Breathing with and celebrating sports, supporting top athletes when they win and cheering them up when they lose is what brings Slovenians together and creates a tradition that is passed from generation to generation. Primož Roglič, top athlete and the best Slovenian cyclist, experiences this first-hand.


Planica, a paradise where people can fly like birds, is known as the sports venue with the longest tradition. Each winter it becomes the centre of the world for all fans of flying heroes. Primož Roglič, a former ski jumper and currently a world-famous cyclist, took his first sports steps on the Planica ski flying hill. A childhood spent on the white slopes under the Ponce mountains yielded results. It was here that the first part of his sports path unfolded. Soon, he proudly obtained renown as one of the most talented ski jumpers of his generation. As with many Slovenians, his love of sports was born as he watched the endless waving flags that mark a sports holiday each year when the finals take place, signifying the end of the Ski Jumping World Cup season. The pounding heart which many sports enthusiasts feel as they watch the Slovenian eagles descend must be experienced.


Following his initial sports achievements and the conclusion of his ski jumping career, one of the best athletes in the world found a new sporting love. His desire to cover long distances on his bike paved the way for a change of direction and fresh success. The beginnings of recreational cycling soon turned into a genuine sporting career. In only a few years, he climbed to the top of Slovenian and global cycling. Roglič, or Rogla, as his fans call him, does not just feel connected with the place named Rogla because of his name. Extreme weather, unspoilt nature and a special microclimate enable athletes to have the perfect summer training in Rogla. A modern sports centre with over 40 years of tradition boasts the title of an Olympic centre. The outspread ridge hidden in the name of Rogla is best experienced on the bike. Going uphill along a meandering path among treetops is something quite unique. As the mists disperse and the sun shines through, we know that we are on top. Such moments are worth living for, says Slovenian cycling star Primož Roglič.

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