Park Hotel Bled has been revamped

Published: 1.7.2020

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Park Hotel Bled has been revamped

Park Hotel, the largest hotel in Bled, has been fully refurbished. Inspiration for the refurbished image was found in the pristine nature.

Park Hotel Bled has been revamped

The refurbished Park Hotel now tells the story of water and the park. The story of water, which symbolises the source of life, as well as Lake Bled and the Bled thermal water spring, are included in the architectural design of the rooms overlooking Lake Bled, as well as in the common areas, and in the entire offer of the refurbished hotel. The second part of the story is that of the park, where the hotel is located and whose name it holds. Its story is presented in the rooms overlooking the green park. A new and unique appearance has been given also to the indoor thermal pool on the upper floor of the hotel, which offers breathtaking views of Lake Bled. 

"Nature was the main source of inspiration during the renovation. Bled, which is considered a unique alpine pearl on a global scale, lies on the edge of the Triglav National Park and thus combines two extremely important elements of nature - water and forest. These are also the main themes of the refurbished hotel. The renovation cost around 8 million euros. Combined with urban elegance, comfort, sustainable elements and the care for the well-being and health of our guests, we designed the story of the hotel," said the director of Sava Hotels Bled, Mojca Krašovec.

Park Hotel is situated along Lake Bled and the Bled Promenade. It is a four-star hotel with 218 rooms and suites, and an indoor thermal pool. There is a hotel restaurant and a bar, and a modern spa centre on the fifth floor which offers the best views of the unique features of Bled. The hotel also houses Thai Centre Bled.

Further information can be found here.

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