The finalists of the call for the Snovalec 2020 award are known

Published: 23.4.2020

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The finalists of the call for the Snovalec 2020 award are known

This year, the Slovenian Tourist Board is once again promoting the innovation and development of the tourism offer, and is providing support for promising inventions. The finalists of the call for the Snovalec 2020 award are Fish&Fly Trio, Electric Motorcycle Travel and Robidišče Trail Centre.

The finalists of the call for the Snovalec 2020 award are known

From among the 44 applications submitted under the call for the Snovalec 2020 award, the expert commission selected the most innovative tourism ideas of nine semi-finalists, who, in early April, virtually presented their innovative tourism products to the expert committee. The committee then selected three finalists, who, by next December, have to bring their ideas to market.

Here are short accounts by the expert committee on the selection of the three finalists of the call for the Snovalec 2020 award. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Fish&Fly Trio
Applicant: Zavod OTIS

Slovenia is considered one of the top five fly-fishing destinations in the world. This is attributable to its clean water, biodiversity and the fact that Slovenia does not have privately owned waters. The fishing season lasts a good seven months, whereby the peak of the fishing season does not overlap with the summer peak season for rafting and kayaking. This category of fishermen follows the catch and release principle and, by being more discerning guests, they have a significant influence on the development and improved quality of the cuisine on offer and other services, as well as on the extension of the tourist season.

As a novelty in this product, the committee underlines the possibility of such an experience at three different fishing destinations, namely from the Kolpa and Krka rivers to the many tributaries of the Soča river. It is a unique experience to catch three different fish species – grayling, brown trout and marble trout – and to use a sport aircraft to move between fishing destinations on the Prečna-Bovec route.


Travelling by electric motorcycles
Applicant: Clutch Rožle Verhovc s.p.

It is one of the first green motorcycle tours in the world using purely electric luxury motorcycles – a nomadic journey that will bring together individual green scheme service providers, destinations and experiences. The committee underlines the product's innovative upgrade towards sustainability and modern way of appealing to guests, as there will be greater demand for individual offers and sustainable programmes in the future. Trips will be planned more thoroughly and, at least initially, on a strictly regional level, while shorter trips involving a small number of people will drive the recovery of the tourism industry.

The focus is on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting the environment and implementing climate change concerns in the tourism offer.

Robidišče Trail Centre
Applicant: Arbischa d.o.o.

The project supports the development of our westernmost village and at the same time the only Slovenian village located on the right bank of the Nadiža river. A cycling tourism product including the Robidišče Trail Centre, a scattered hotel and a new offer by the Škvor family, who do excellent restorations of stone houses, gives hope and impetus for Robidišče with its only eight inhabitants to become a living community and no longer just a textbook example of a deserted Venetian village. The village accommodates 40 tourists and thus extends the tourist season of Posočje and helps disperse tourist flows from the overcrowded Bovec, Kobarid and Tolmin towards the more forgotten and overlooked Veneto. The committee perceives the Robidišče Trail Centre project as a wider community participation characterised by a high level of cohesion and solidarity, while the Robidišče Trail Centre itself as one of the main operators of cycling tourism throughout the Soča River Valley.


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