#SharingInspiringStories of Slovenian tourism

Published: 22.4.2020

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#SharingInspiringStories of Slovenian tourism

We continue to share with you innovative and charity stories, which, despite the uncertain current situation, are written by the creators of the Slovenian tourism offer. Read last week's stories: Free online “escape game in your room” and Fresh Primorska delicacies from the Butul Homestead.

#SharingInspiringStories of Slovenian tourism

Free online “escape game in your room” to make it easier to stay at home

In times when we are in lockdown and confined to our rooms, at Enigmarium they decided to entertain their audience and guests who usually come and visit their popular escape rooms in the way they know best. They designed an innovative, original concept of an online escape room game. 

Every day – from Monday to Sunday – users receive one chapter of the game via e-mail. By cracking the code, they get the key to the next chapter. In addition to great fun, the participants who manage to get through to the right solution are honoured with a small gift at the end of the game. 

The game called "OTOK (ISLAND) – escape game in your room" hosts several thousand players from Slovenia and Croatia, where Enigmarium has a branch office.

"The players send messages of thanks as the game helps them pass the time spent in isolation. We are especially pleased when they tell us that they will gladly return to our games even after the epidemic," says Nataša Potočnik from Enigmarium.

She adds that their advantage lies precisely in the fact that "we are constantly developing completely fresh and original concepts – it is no longer just an escape from the room but a brief escape from the real world, and isolation". 

Fresh Primorska delicacies from the Butul Homestead 

The Butul Homestead, which has been operating in the heart of Slovenian Istria for two decades, is known for its herb garden and cooking workshops. It also offers accommodation to guests.

Its selected wines, olive oil, fresh herbs, aromatic plants and seasonal, locally grown products represent a high-quality offer of food from the regions of Istria and Primorska, which was left without a significant number of customers when all accommodation facilities were closed due to the impact of the new coronavirus.

The owners of the homestead, Tatjana and Mitja Butul, have decided to connect through Facebook with all who wanted to access their delightful delicacies. They started to actively communicate and share their story through attractive posts; they also regularly publish offers of fresh, locally produced and home-made products and information about the possibilities of delivery to Ljubljana and, upon request, also to other places in Slovenia.

"All we had to do was to get organised and we were among the first to do so. Maybe it is also because we are a boutique food supplier and combine what is good with quality,"said Tatjana and Mitja Butul adding that "the current situation cannot stop the flows and connections with our customers and friends."

In just over three days, more than 1,500 followers joined them through their Facebook page, and today, they have more than 2,600 followers.    

 In the situation we are currently facing, the commitment to customers and the efforts of the Butul Homestead from Manžan to produce Slovenian local food and products are truly inspiring. Through their initiative, they have brought a touch of genuine flavour from the Primorska region to other parts of Slovenia. Follow the offer of Slovenian farms and farm stays yourselves and visit them when the time comes.

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