Slovenia, a land of healthy waters multimedia campaign, broadcasted on National Geographic channels, reached 20 million people

Published: 26.3.2020

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Slovenia, a land of healthy waters multimedia campaign, broadcasted on National Geographic channels, reached 20 million people

At the end of February, a four-month multichannel campaign for the promotion of Slovenia, a land of healthy waters, broadcasted on National Geographic channels, was successfully completed and achieved great results and reached 20 million people

Slovenia, a land of healthy waters multimedia campaign, broadcasted on National Geographic channels, reached 20 million people

With the campaign that went on from 1 October 2019 to 29 February 2020, the Slovenian Tourist Board aimed at raising awareness of Slovenia as a green and sustainable destination where visitors can experience exceptional natural beauty, including unspoiled water resources and healing waters. Our goal was to address the most discerning guests, looking for one-of-a-kind experiences.

 Photo: Juan Trujillo Andrades / National Geographic

The campaign was designed in co-operation with National Geographic. With quality pieces, video and photo content and resounding posts on this media giant’s social media, Slovenia presented itself as a destination of exceptional natural water resources and a rich thermal tradition. With the focus on the markets of Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and the USA, the images of Slovenia in various formats appeared on National Geographic TV channels, online platforms and social media.

Photo: screenshots of the Instagram Story posts on the National Geographic Instagram account

Key campaign results:

  • 40 milion views of National Geographic social media posts,
    various digital ads reached over 19 million people,
  • 335 thousand unique users visited the landing pages of the campaign on National Geographic websites, with over 700 thousand views all together
  • 12 million views of passaic and pre-roll ads,
  • 1-minute video ad was played 664 times on National Geographic TV channel els, reaching 1.5 million viewers.

Photo: Ad Travel minute about Slovenia, broadcasted on National Geographic TV channels

Slovenian waters, presented with top quality visuals and stories of ambassadors

The National Geographic team visited Slovenia in July last year and, in Moravske Toplice, Rogaška Slatina, Strunjan, Bohinj, Sečoveljske soline and Ljubljana, they created video and photo content presenting the exceptional water wealth of rivers, seas, drinking water, thermal and mineral waters of Slovenia. At the same time, they created a special landing page for the campaign and four pieces featured on their websites: an umbrella article, accompanying the Waters of Wellbeing 4-minute video, a list of interesting facts, an itinerary for a multi-day visit of Slovenia and a photo gallery of images of Slovenia and its healthy waters.

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In the video, Slovenian waters were presented through the stories of individuals who, in one way or another, are connected to water. Among them are Slovenian swimmer and Olympic medal-winner Sara Isaković, marine biologist Borut Mavrič, health and wellness expert Tanja Rauter Pungartnik and Director of the Slovenian Spa Association Iztok Altbauer.

Why National Geographic?

We identified National Geographic as one of the most influential media in the global market, which, as a specialist in nature, outdoor experiences and travel, has access to the target public that we want to address. With a team of influential figures and multi award-winning photographers and videographers, National Geographic reveals compelling stories through photos and videos. This is also confirmed by the extremely visual concept, storytelling through photographs on Instagram – a digital channel featuring National Geographic as the world number one media brand with 132.7 million followers.

Photo: photograph of the Zelenci Springs nature reserve by photographer Ciril Jazbec, posted on the National Geographic Instagram account, with more than 436 thousand likes.

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