Another great year for Slovenian tourism

Published: 31.1.2020

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Another great year for Slovenian tourism

2019 will go down as a very intense but also one of the most successful years for Slovenian tourism. In 2019, compared to 2018, a 5% increase in tourist arrivals and a 0.6% increase in overnight stays was recorded.

Another great year for Slovenian tourism

Provisional statistical data shows that more than 6.2 million tourist arrivals and more than 15.7 million overnight stays were recorded in Slovenia in 2019. Foreign guests generated 4.7 million arrivals and 11.3 million overnight stays. Between January and November, the value of travel exports was EUR 2.57 billion. 

In 2019, compared to 2018, a 5% increase in tourist arrivals and a 0.6% increase in overnight stays was recorded. The number of foreign tourists increased by 6.3% and their overnight stays by 1.8%. Foreign guests made 75.5% of all arrivals and 72% of all overnight stays.

The largest number of arrivals was from Italy, with almost 600,000 guests, representing a 12.7% share, followed by guests from Germany (more than 580,000; 12.4% share), Austria (almost 400,000; 8,4 %), Croatia (235,000; 5% share), Hungary (more than 190,000; 4% share), the Czech Republic (almost 190,000; 4% share), the Netherlands (more than 186,000; almost 4% share), other Asian countries (more than 176,000; almost 4% share), France (more than 166,000; more than 3% share) and the United Kingdom (almost 160,000; more than 3% share).

Most of the overnight stays was made in hotels, over 7.3 million, representing a 46% share, followed by private rooms, apartments and houses (more than 3.2 million; almost 21%) and campsites (more than 2 million; 13%).

When comparing the destinations, most of the overnight stays were generated in the mountain municipalities (more than 4.63 million overnight stays, representing 29%), followed by spas (more than 3.44 million; 22%) and seaside resorts (more than 3 million; 19%).

Tourism is an important industry with a great potential for further growth. It contributes directly and indirectly to the total GDP as much as 12.3%, and directly employs 6.5% of the working population. With a series of measures, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MGRT) and the Slovenian Tourism Board (STB) realize the vision of Slovenia as a green boutique destination for 5* experiences and successfully achieve goals, which were set in the Strategy for the Sustainable Growth of Slovenian Tourism 2017-2021.

In the first half of the strategic period, Slovenian tourism managed to put growth in the right sequence of above-average annual growth of arrivals, higher annual growth of overnight stays and the highest annual growth of inflows from travel exports. Already in 2018, strategic goals for the number of arrivals and overnight stays were reached. Statistics show that we are set to reach the value of travel exports of 3.7 to 4 billion euros.

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