The story of BioSing salami - a superb gourmet theatre

Published: 6.12.2019

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The story of BioSing salami - a superb gourmet theatre

BioSing - an abbreviation for Bio Salami Engineering - is the story of David Lesar, who produces supreme salami with a delicate taste. The tasting of the BioSing products is a gourmet theatre accompanied by excellent wines that will take your breath away.

The story of BioSing salami - a superb gourmet theatre

Ribnica, long-known for wooden wares, is a place of a unique culinary story. The story of BioSing. BioSing as an abbreviation for Bio Salami Engineering, as the production has been re-engineered from scratch: from the careful selection of the meat, through the attentive processing all up to the final touches, which result in gourmet products with selected aromas that open up new horizons.

There's also a great story of tradition behing the BioSing products: inhabitants of Ribnica used to travel to far-away places to sell their wooden wares. As they wanted to be sure to have good food with them, they took with them the best they had: home sausages, made by using the ancient natural methods of careful curing and drying. And David Lesar, the man behind the story of BioSing decided to do the same and brought back production from an industrial approach back to its roots, to craftmanship. He dropped all preservatives, additives and industrial shortcuts. While sticking to the highest standards, he strives to achieve the fullest and richest aromas, peculiar bouquets and natural flavours. 

The tasting of the BioSing products is a gourmet theatre accompanied by excellent (mostly natural) wines that will definitely spoil your tastebuds.

You also have a chance to experience unique tasting our G-LINE products, which have been aged over many years to provide an explosion of taste.

The story of BioSing has already been spotted by some of the world's most recognised culinary personas, media and associations:

* JRE, an elite restaurant association has chosen BioSing products to be represented at their events, they are even listed as their recommended ‘exceptional producer’ providers.

* The Matador Network has chosen BioSing products, alongside only two other producers from Slovenia (Movia Wines and Ana Roš of Hiša Franko) to feature in their culinary documentary on Slovenia.

* Famed international food experts; Enzo Vizzari in Paolo Vizzari (Guida Espresso), Manuela Fissore Barker, Anders Husa, Marko Kovač, Niko Dukan and others have shown great enthusiasm over the story. 

Further information about the story of BioSing is available here.

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