We have reached 2 million posts with #ifeelsLOVEnia hashtag!

Published: 6.12.2019

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We have reached 2 million posts with #ifeelsLOVEnia hashtag!

The campaign Make new memories in Slovenia and share them with us that called for visitors to share their images and videos of Slovenia and using the hashtag #ifeelsLOVEnia, has reached 2 million shares.

We have reached 2 million posts with #ifeelsLOVEnia hashtag!

The promotional campaign #ifeelsLOVEnia – Make new memories in Slovenia and share them with us that started exactly a year and a half ago, on 6 June 2018, has reached its goal: 2 million shares with #ifeelsLOVEnia hashtag. 

The campaign launched by the Slovenian Tourist Board, aimed to showcase lesser-known Slovenian destinations and products, encourage visitors to opt for off-the-beaten track destinations and inspire local tourists to spend their free time in their homeland. 

A cross-platform campaign used the key communication channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and the website www.slovenia.info.

The campaign, which was launched exactly one year and a half ago, on 6 June 2018, has been a tremendous success: as early as in 2019 the number of shared moments with #ifeelsLOVEnia has reached a million and now, when 2019 is coming to an end, the goal of 2 million shared moments has been reached. The campaign has generated 1.6 million new posts - before the launch only 400,000 posts with #ifeelsLOVEnia hashtag had been posted. On average, 3,000 posts with #ifeelsLOVEnia hashtag have been counted per day. In total, 25,000 visitors to the landing page of the campaign have been spotted.

On the webpage www.slovenia.info, the most attractive posted photos have been highlighted. Each week, three best photos have been selected and rewarded. In total, 147 awards were distributed. Additionally, landing pages included also a section "Hidden corners of Slovenia", which covered 59 hints for unforgettable trips to less-known places. In total, 34 leading destinations were showcased.

The campaign was supported by Slovenia media, tourist companies, institutions and influencers. Additionally, it also won some rewards: in Slovenia and abroad. Last year, in November, the campaign received Golden Sempler award, in the frame of SEMPL Media Trends Conference, one of the best organised and carefully curated business events in Southeastern Europe, and this year in March at the ITB Berlin, The Golden City Gate award. Additionally it qualified among the finalists for Content Marketing Awards and City Nation Place Awards.

By reaching 2 million posts with #ifeelsLOVEnia hashtag, the #ifeelsLOVEnia – Make new memories in Slovenia and share them with us campaign is coming to an end, but visitors will continue to be encoured to use #ifeelsLOVEnia hashtag along with their posts from Slovenia.

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