GREAT NEWS! Six new trains at Postojna Cave

Published: 22.11.2019

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GREAT NEWS! Six new trains at Postojna Cave

Postojna Cave has recently modernised its fleet of cave trains – 31 years after the purchase of the old ones – and is now the proud owner of six new trains. The legendary cave trains look the same as the old ones, but are well on the way towards complete sustainability.

GREAT NEWS! Six new trains at Postojna Cave


For the first time in the history of Postojna Cave, a one-time investment in replacing the entire fleet with new, more powerful trains, which are in line with the sustainable vision for tourism has been made. However, despite their special technological innovations, the trains have retained their legendary appearance, which presented a particular challenge. Much like the historic San Francisco cable trams have come to symbolise the city and are synonymous with cable tram rides around the world, the trains in Postojna Cave are a one-of-a-kind symbol and as such synonymous with the incredible experiences of the underground world.  

"The reason we decided to invest in new trains was not because the previous ones had been in bad repair and no longer fit for use, but to ensure the sustainability, care for the environment and the safety of both our visitors and the train drivers," pointed out Marjan Batagelj during a tour of the Postojna Cave train depot, which houses a railway workshop and charging stations for the trains.

Special conditions inside the cave create the need for special trains; hence, train-related improvements and developments usually take place right at the very company and most of the suggestions and ideas for improvements are contributed by the drivers and mechanical engineers. Traditional appearance of the new trains thus showcases the knowledge gained over decades and the invaluable cave-related know-how.

Here are some quick facts about the six new locomatives:

  • Each of the six new locomotives pulls 15 carriages and thus each train has the capacity for up to 116 visitors.
  • The new trains, which can travel at a maximum speed of 10 km/h, are quieter and therefore have a significantly lesser impact on the cave environment and the cave-dwelling animals.
  • While the old trains were still in use, train drivers had to spread fine gravel on the tracks to improve the friction while driving, now with the latest improvements and the new trains, this unnecessary pollution of the cave caused by gravel and consequently dust has been done away with.
  • The batteries in the new trains are almost twice as powerful as the old ones, a single charging session providing sufficient motive power for up to 30 train rides.
  • The new trains are more comfortable and safer for visitors, as the carriages have restraints that prevent passengers from standing up.
  • Video surveillance of the entire train set, as well as enclosed and heated driver's compartment in each train also provide safety and comfort for our drivers.

Further information about Postojna Cave is available here

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