Get to know Luče - a new member of the international network of Mountaineering Villages!

Published: 24.10.2019

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Get to know Luče - a new member of the international network of Mountaineering Villages!

In September, the village of Luče has joined the international network of Mountaineering Villages, following Jezersko that joined in 2018.

Get to know Luče - a new member of the international network of Mountaineering Villages!

Following Jezersko that joined in 2018, Luče is the second Slovenian village to join the Mountaineering Villages Association. The assets that convinced the jury are multifold: it is not only about great outdoor experiences one can have here, like hiking Ojstrica or Raduha, but also about intriguing local culture and breathtaking landscape.

The village of Luče is nestled into nearly 110 square kilometres of hills and mountains of the eastern part of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The area represents an excellent starting point for hiking trips, mountain tours, and mountain biking. The Savinja River flows through the village and attracts numerous fly-fishing lovers and those who like rafting or kayaking. In summer, the river makes a perfect place to cool off and take a swim.

In favourable snow conditions, Luče is the place to be for several different winter outdoor activities, including winter hiking and backcountry skiing.

An important part of the offer is the local cuisine, based on simple homemade  dishes. Best known is the Upper Savinja Valley stomach sausage with a protected geographical indication.

About the Mountaineering Villages:

The initiative originally came from the Alpine clubs and goes back to a project started by the Austrian Alpine Association. With the help of the Ministry for an Austria Worth Living In (BMLFUW) and grants from the European Fund for Rural Development (2007-2013 and 2014-2020), the Mountaineering Villages have been able to establish themselves locally and in the public’s mind as a visible, implementation project of the Alpine Convention.

The aim of the Mountaineering Villages platform is to address the target group of Alpine sports enthusiasts and nature lovers and also support any local added value, but not at the expense of the natural world and the environment.

Photo by: Tomo Jeseničnik, Source: Alpine Association of Slovenia

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