A little bit of inspiration won't hurt...

Published: 27.9.2019

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A little bit of inspiration won't hurt...

Check out some of the latest articles about Slovenia written in English and feel inspired. Oh, yeah, and wait: there's also a great video launched on our Instagram profile that shouldn't be missed.

A little bit of inspiration won't hurt...

“Diversity at its best” is the best way to describe Slovenia and this is confirmed also by a number of articles that praise the country’s beauties. The Slovenian Tourist Board on annual basis hosts a number of great writers, journalists and influencers, who are invited to explore the country’s beauties and spread the word about them. What is common to most of them is the fact that once they visit, they fall in love with Slovenia. It’s not only the diversity of nature, it’s the character of the people that makes Slovenia so unique. And everything is “just around the corner”.

One could say that Slovenia is a country where pocket-size gets a completely new connotation: it’s not about how small the country is, but how accessible its short distances make it. It is a perfect place to experience the diversity to its fullest and create 5* experiences.

Check out some of the most recent articles and feel inspired. The selection focuses on English articles, but there are many terrific articles written also in other languages. Contact us, if you want to receive more information about this.

Now let us take you on an inspiring journey through Slovenia with some of the most recent articles written in English that are also available online. But to set off, take a look at this inspiring video that has been put together while Alex Strohl, one of the world’s most known influencers on Instagram, explored Juliana trail.

While Virtuoso in its September edition praises country’s sustainability, Escapism, the UK’s biggest independent travel magazine, explores the wild natural beauties of Slovenia’s Julian Alps and “a clutch of world-class restaurants” (starting on p. 48). Tamara Hinson, a renowned UK-based freelancer, wrote an article about Ljubljana for Rough Guides, the leading publisher of travel and reference guides, while Helen Coffey in her article for The Independent, focuses on the top 10 things to do in the capital. Also Maribor, Slovenia’s second biggest city, received a lot of attention in The Independent’s article by Pavlo Fedykovych.

Moving further to gastronomy: the world’s most renowned (travel) media cannot stop praising country’s culinary offer and the vibrant foodie scene. Starting with Ana Roš, who ranks among the world’s best chefs and has successfully managed to put a tiny town of Kobarid onto the world’s culinary map (read about it in Travel and Leisure) to other extremely creative chefs who are gaining on recognizability as well. More and more food-focused travel media come to Slovenia to check out its great culinary offer. Among them was also the journalist from Olive Magazine, a monthly British food magazine featuring recipes, restaurants and food-focused travel. The result of her trip is Ljubljana Foodie Guide.

Slovenia also goes big when it comes to wines: the recently published article by Robert Camuto in Wine Spectator praises it as the next wine country, putting the focus on one of the most-renowned and developed wine regions in Slovenia: Goriška Brda. 

To sum it up, let us share an article published in Powder Magazine, considered one of the main ski-oriented magazines in the USA, where Slovenia is described as a nostalgic simplicity difficult to find in other parts of the Alps”.

Now, tell us: when are you visiting us and what will be your way of exploring Slovenia? 

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