Two novelties for foodies in Ljubljana

Published: 26.9.2019

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Two novelties for foodies in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is praised for its culinary offer and rightfully so. Just recently, two new projects have been launched, which will elevate the whole story – get to know the Strelec Castle Wine Bar & Shop and the new Visit Ljubljana guided tour, which takes you to the main marketplace and serves you traditional breakfast.


Two novelties for foodies in Ljubljana

The Tour of Ljubljana Market and Breakfast

Experiences are a trend in tourism, including those focused on green and sustainable tourism and cuisine. Slovenia will become the 2021 European Region of Gastronomy and Ljubljana Tourism has decided to launch a new product: The Tour of Ljubljana Market and Breakfast.

The new product will present the guests with the culinary habits of the Slovenians, typical products of Ljubljana and the surroundings. Apart from the local cuisine, guests will have an opportunity to explore the central market, designed by architect Jože Plečnik. The tour will include the tasting of local produce from the market and to sum it up, the guests will be served by the original Ljubljana breakfast.

The objective is to successfully introduce this new innovative and authentic experience to the market. The tour will indulge in the atmosphere of Ljubljana’s marketplace life and offer an insight into numerous interesting attractions and the culinary tradition. 

The tour of Ljubljana’s Central Market with breakfast has received the Snovalec award, which promotes creative and innovative ideas in the field of tourism.

Strelec Castle Wine Bar & Shop 

The castle and wine. In harmony for centuries. The castle lords always drank carefully selected, exquisite wine. Why would Ljubljana Castle guests be an exception? 

The Castle Wine Bar and Shop on the upper level offers visitors wine tasting and a shop with exclusively Slovenian wines from all three wine-growing regions of Slovenia. Below it is a restaurant where Slovenian wines are intertwined with Slovenian cuisine created by master chef Igor Jagodic, as well as a wine cellar for social functions. The most beautiful view of the capital opens up on the terrace of the wine bar and shop, the Bastion. 

With the Wine Bar and Shop, the Ljubljana Castle completes the wine story about the descendants of the oldest grapevine in the world and the Castle Vineyard, Ljubljana consolidates its reputation as a city of grapevines and wine, and Slovenia and Slovenian winemakers proudly take their place where our wines belong: at the top of the world.

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