Alpine Slovenia


Surrounded by the high peaks of the Julian Alps, Bovec, in the Triglav National Park, is a true Alpine paradise for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Venture outdoors and take in the fresh mountain air.

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The administrative centre of the Soča Valley boasts an old town core and the Tolmin Museum, where you can explore the rich history of the Soča Valley. Not far from Tolmin you’ll find the notable church of the Holy Spirit, the most beautiful memorial to World War I, which was listed back in 2006 as a European Heritage site.

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The dynamic landscape of the Cerkno Hills located where the Mediterranean and the Alps meet makes Cerkno a special place to visit. You can spend winter in the snow, hop on your bike in warmer weather, conquer nearby peaks with your hiking poles in your hands, or enjoy rich history, cultural heritage, and typical cuisine.

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The oldest mining town in Slovenia is famous for the second largest mercury mine in the world, but it also boasts beautiful handmade lace and idrijski žlikrofi, filled pastry pockets that are a true local delicacy..

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Known worldwide as one of the most striking Alpine resorts, this town is distinguished by the islet in the middle of the lake, with Bled Castle perched high on the cliff above, which affords fascinating views of the pristine lake below.



Visit the centre of Slovenian apiculture, a town boasting unique medieval buildings adorned with frescos, with some of the buildings dating as far back as the 14th century.

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Visit the town of steel and narcissus. At Stara Sava listen to the stories of the ironworkers, and enjoy the lively rhythm of modern urban life. Just a step away, green nature awaits, which in May is garlanded with a sea of blooming narcissus.

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The town was once home to Field Marshal Radetzky – the man who lent his name to the famous march played by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra at the annual New Year’s Concert. The old town core of Tržič has been protected as a cultural and historical monument since 1985.

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Škofja Loka

The best preserved medieval town with a notable castle and longstanding tradition of guilds. Škofja Loka brings to life, every seven years, a colourful procession, the passion play re-enacting the suffering of Christ and his resurrection as depicted by the oldest dramatic text in the Slovenian language.

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A town with a long tradition, history and rich cultural heritage is nestled in the embrace of the mighty Kamnik Alps and the Velika Planina plateau, not far from the Volčji Potok Arboretum botanical garden and its adjoining golf course.

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Slovenj Gradec

Visit the most beautiful Slovenian town core of 2012, which boasts an age-old medieval townscape, a vibrant contemporary cultural beat and delectable culinary offerings.

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Ravne na Koroškem

Surrounded by forests, this town with its long tradition of ironworks boasts exceptional iron and steel sculptures created by more than 30 artists from 15 countries in the course of the Forma Viva international sculpture symposiums.

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Mediterranean Slovenia


This old Mediterranean town with its clustered medieval streets is where authentic fishing and winemaking traditions blend with mystical remnants of the past and local hospitality to form an unforgettable mosaic of experiences.

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The Mediterranean gem of Slovenia is a monument to vibrant architecture spanning centuries. Prick up your ears for a concert in the birthplace of celebrated violinist Giuseppe Tartini and take in the classical music resounding through the town’s narrow medieval streets.



Who hasn’t heard of the famous Postojna Cave? Listen to the stories of the Predjama Castle, descend down into the Planina Cave (Planinska jama), visit the Karst Museum, go horseback riding or head over to the Postojna adventure park.

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One of Slovenia’s most celebrated poets, Srečko Kosovel, was born right here, in the heart of the Slovenian Karst, today the home of a very special botanical garden and the entry point to the Karst Living Museum.

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Mansions and castles, numerous churches showcasing works of art, exhibition venues like the Pilon Gallery that preserves the legacy of the celebrated artist and local Sežana hero Veno Pilon, engaging architecture, and the well-preserved walls of the Roman Castra – these are the reasons you should visit Ajdovščina.

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Central Slovenia


In Central Slovenia, on the western rim of the Ljubljana Marshes, visit one of Slovenia’s greenest towns (the first Zero Waste Municipality in Slovenia, and Green Municipality 2011). The landscape is green too, showcasing its marshes, rolling hills and the Ljubljanica River, together with its sources that have left their mark on the landscape.

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Where the bears live. Follow the bear’s footsteps straight into the mysterious world of the Kočevje virgin forest, or discover the town of Kočevje with its enticing cultural offerings.

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There are plenty of reasons why you should visit Litija – the traditional Shrove Carnival, the Knights’ Tournament at the Bogenšperk Castle, Vače with its early Iron Age ritual bronze vessel known as situla from Vače and other archaeological finds from the 5th and 6th century BC, as well as GEOSS – the Geometric Centre of Slovenia.

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Visiting this town situated in the centre of the Suha Krajina region by the Krka River, you will come upon the magnificent Žužemberk Castle, explore the remains of the Roman road, the restored blast furnace at Dvor, the Church of St. Agnes, a several hundred years old linden tree, the remains of Venetian settlements, mills, the remains of a paper mill and a tannery, Roman tombstones, etc.

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Kostanjevica na Krki

The only and the smallest Slovenian town on an island, also referred to as the Venice of the Dolenjska region, boasts a rich selection of art galleries, and outdoors you will find more than a hundred wooden sculptures which were made within the framework of the Forma Viva sculptors’ symposiums.


The mining town, where quality brown coal has been mined for more than 200 years, is known for its friendly locals and vibrant cultural and sports offerings. It also makes for a perfect base for hikes to the nearby hills.

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A European destination of excellence (EDEN) in accessible tourism, Laško is one of the destinations that boasts the most attractive green adventures in Slovenia, and is a recipient of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism certificate, Slovenia Green Destination Bronze.

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Welcome to the embrace of green gold. Come visit the Green Gold Fountain, a tribute to the hop-growing heritage of Žalec and the Lower Savinja Valley.

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This modern green town boasts a renewed town promenade, magnificent trees and beautifully kept flower beds, offering plenty of outing opportunities for people who are fond of nature, culture, modern architecture and a range of engaging events.

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Pannonian Slovenia

Murska Sobota

Located in an area extremely rich in natural thermal spas, this town boasts a beautiful Renaissance castle and a wide range of delicacies from the surrounding Prekmurje region.

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Lendava is home to the hearty bograč meat stew under the Lendava castle; it boasts a long and rich history of winemaking, and is known for its healing thermal waters at the Terme Lendava spas.

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A town of ‘tabors’ (forts), films and wine, Ljutomer is also the capital of the Prlekija region. Complete your walk through the old town core with a glass of premium local wine and sample some of the delicious, authentic regional dishes.

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Slovenske Konjice

This millennium-old market town with its friendly locals and well-kept streets sets a model example for other towns. It boasts numerous awards for the most beautiful tourist town in Slovenia, and has also won the gold medal at the competition Entente Florale Europe as one of the best-kept towns in Europe.

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A small town with a big heart, where you can relax in one of the biggest thermal spas, Terme Čatež, admire the rich architectural heritage, enjoy a relaxing bicycle ride or go on a hiking tour in the lovely immediate surroundings.

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Set in the midst of green winegrowing hills, this small town with its rich cultural heritage provides an excellent starting point for hiking and cycling tours. Visit the nearby vineyard cottages called zidanice and sample the local wine – or even stay the night.

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Did you know that Melania Trump, the future first lady of the USA, was born here? With its location in the midst of unspoilt nature Sevnica is an excellent destination for those who enjoy picnics and outings, hiking, cycling or fishing.

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This picturesque town in the heart of the Bela Krajina region boasts a strategic position in the region, and has played a major role in the history of the area. And its prominent medieval town core gives Črnomelj a special charm.

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Discover the treasures of Metlika in three picturesque town squares and spend a day by the Kolpa River, the warmest Slovenian river. The town is also famous for its characteristic cuisine and it prides itself on its typical traditional Easter Eggs, the so called “pisanice”.

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