The Living Nativity at Postojna Cave is one of a kind also thanks to the amateur performers from the local community, who live and breathe their roles and make the show one of the most anticipated events in the year. Take a look at some of the backstage shots, read about the rehealsals and get to know some of the performers in this magical Christmas show.

Zechariah and The Last Shave 

The 68-year-old Milan K. shaves his beard every Wednesday and Sunday morning, something he has done his whole life. The first time he grew his beard was four years ago, to commemorate the period when his wife was in hospital and recovering after surgery. It was at this time he was spotted as the perfect time for the role of Zechariah and since then completes his last shave on 6th October. 

The beard 

He starts growing his beard only to fit the criteria of becoming a performer in the role of Zechariah at the annual Living Nativity in Postojna Cave. “Oh, the itching in the first weeks is the hardest part of being bearded,” he says. After the December’s five day performances in the cave, the beard must go, as Mrs Kastelic does not approve. “The itching never stops,” according to her. 

The Director 

The 73-year-old Gabrijela B. has devoted her working life to coaching. In Postojna, she is known as one of the strictest and talented basketball coaches. She is also a writer and a tour guide.

The Angel Coach 

In Postojna’s subterranean cave world she’s had one of the most important roles for 22 years - a director that even the angels must obey!


There are four scenes and four roles for Joseph in Postojna Cave’s walking Living Nativity performance. Long hair, a long beard and acting skills are essential – but one sticks out! 

The Joseph 

The lead role in the scene called The Birth, the most challenging and emotional scene, goes to Nik Č. who has had the lead role for five years. He is religious, likes metal, plays the guitar and loves dogs. To perform in Postojna Cave, he takes five days annual leave and carefully hides all seven Metal Camps festival wristbands on his left hand. 

Prom Queen’s Make-up Artist 

The 16-year-old Martina G. is studying to become a make-up artist. She spends her summer job wages on professional make up she “cannot afford” according to her sister! The busiest time of the year for her is the end of the school year, not just because it’s an exam period, but also because she is the local prom make-up artist!

Virgin Mary 

Local Instagram star leads the Nativity in the role of the Mother of God, Mary. Her Instagram goes quiet for a few days while she dedicates herself to the role of Virgin Mary. This year after dying her hair blonde, she loses the role of Virgin Mary and becomes an angel instead. 

The Three Wise Men

The three men from three very different backgrounds take on the roles of the Three Wise, despite not having much in common before they met, they have become good friends thanks to the nativity experience.

The Three Laughing Men

Anthony’s B. first week after moving to Postojna was during a devastating sleet storm, which paralysed the town. He ended up making a new friend on that first day and got invited to the Living Nativity. Matej K. became a performer when he saw the devotion of his newly bearded father, and Marino S., a local artist joned the Nativity “just for fun,” he says.

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