Italian girl, who is a full time traveller

Sabrina’s home is the world. She grew up in Venice, Italy, then working in an international company in London, but her passions for photography and travel have been stronger and she became full time traveller. Always chasing amazing moments for her 75,000 followers on Instagram.

How does a life of a full-time traveller looks like?

I consider myself a full-time traveller or a digital gipsy which means I'm travelling at all times since I only need a laptop, wifi and a camera to do my job. I've been on the road since September 2015, when I left my corporate life in London to explore the world, so I would say I am always on the road.  

How did you start with your influencer career?

It happened by chance back in 2014 when Instagram featured my profile (twice) in its global gallery. Suddenly, I received many proposals from brands all around the world and I have been very lucky to work on amazing campaigns since then.  I already had a little blog, but it was only a hobby back then. When I decided to make a career out of my passions, photography and writing, I realised I had never been that happy before. To be a travel writer and a content creator today is a dream become reality for me. 

What traveling and discovering new places means to you? 

It's my oxygen. I cannot stay in one place for long. I get bored very quickly and I get itchy feet very often. I love to connect with people who are different to me and to learn from them. This is what I love about travelling: to be constantly learning about the world and ultimately about yourself.

What inspires you when travelling?

The People! Connecting with the locals, digging dip in the history of a place and understanding the culture and its peculiar things. I also love to feel free in nature and feel completely wild on top of a mountain or while camping in the middle of the desert. The silence of hotel room but also the noise of my steps on the gravel. The waves, the birds. I am driven by all 5 senses when I travel, I'm no longer on autopilot, I let my body guide me towards adventure.

What is the most exciting thing about being a travel influencer from your point of view?

As a travel influencer, I get to bring people from all over the world to travel with me. Thanks to social media and my blog, people can get a sense of where I am and what I am doing. I have received hundreds of messages of people who got inspired by me to visit a certain country, city or hotel. It's a powerful and dangerous position which I try to handle in the best ways possible. 

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