Pierre: “I know Slovenia for its mountains”

The 24-year-old Pierre is a great nature lover and his Instagram profile with more than 35,000 followers is full of breathtaking mountain and sea photos and videos. He travels a lot and going somewhere he never has been before is his life mission.

What traveling and discovering new places means to you?

I love discovering new places, going somewhere you have never been before is always amazing! I like to learn from a local who love it's country.

What inspires you when traveling?

I love meeting new people while traveling and listening to their stories. As a landscape and travel photographer I prefer being outside enjoying a nice view but I also love the energy of a city.

What is your cycling background?

I ride bikes since I was a child. Firstly I was dedicated to mountain biking, then I started with road cycling. I've been doing road cycling competitions for 6 years now. 

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

It's always hard to describe ourselves, especially in 5 words. I would tell I like sports, nature and being outdoor. I'm quiet, smiling a lot. I love meeting new people and I like food!

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