Alex from USA: Adventurous and spontaneous explorer of the world

Typical American a year off after college turned for Alex into an amazing travelling life. Four years ago, he made his most popular adventure - 500 days from Alaska to Argentina, where he took two videos which got more than 200 million views on YouTube. Where else he travels the world? 

How much time to you spend traveling?

I travel full time throughout the year, last year I visited 15 countries.

How did you start with your influencer career?

I drove a motorbike from Alaska to Argentina in 500 days in 2012 after medical school, and I made 2 videos from that trip that went viral on YouTube, racking up more than 200 million views world wide that essentially jump started my career.

What traveling and discovering new places means to you? 

For me it's more about the adventure of getting to a destination or place. I live for the unique sights, experiences and people I meet around the world. And riding a bicycle around Slovenia definitely fits in my life's motto “Everyday is an adventure”.

What is the most exciting thing about being a travel influencer from your point of view?

The ability to share a story, place, or experience with people who otherwise may never get the opportunity to travel and explore like I do. It's the human connection to being and ambassador for all my followers, family and friends through the digital medium.

What are your expectations about visiting Slovenia? 

I never have any expectations when I travel. But that being said, the pictures I've seen about Slovenia assure me I will not be disappointed.

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