SAVE THE DATE: The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure

The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) in cooperation with Julian Alps presents the first one time event promoted with a new NFT (non-fungible token) collection: The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure powered by blockchain technology as tourism promotion activity. The NFTs are issued in a limited edition as unique digital souvenirs for selected journalists/media which will be able to utilise them by attending the unique one in time event in Julian Alps in May 2023.

Slovenia once again stands out as a smart, innovative and sustainable destination that is willing to look to the future and new technologies, with blockchain proving to be a very useful tool and carrier of major changes, improving and creating digitalisation of countless sectors with outstanding positive effects, which has been recognised by the STB in the recently published Strategy for the Digital Transformation of Slovenian Tourism 2022-2026, which in a specific measure (measure 9) addresses the concept and functionality of the Green Digital Token.

Tourism is constantly evolving and destinations that are ready to embrace digital development will gain significant competitive advantages. Use of the blockchain technology enables international competitiveness to be maintained at a high level by promoting digitalisation, improving customer satisfaction and increasing the level of confidence due to increased efficiency, transparency and sustainability - the values ​that serve as a foundation for the vision of Slovenian tourism.

What is the event
SAVE THE DATE: The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure?

The whole world is interconnected and each of us is the key to sway the future of this planet into the right direction. While modern lifestyle draggs us away from feeling nature, it’s important to resensitize our senses. 

So we will show you how to become the fifth element by embracing the power of here and now. Join us on a multisensory adventure, where all you need is your readiness to feel.

With the help of two stories about the Cock-of-the-woods (Western capercaille) and the Queen of the Alps (Alpine eryngo), you will understand the deeper importance of balance, while simultaneously harvesting all the benefits of true connectedness.

The experience will be abundantly laced with amazing food with Michelin chefs, wine and music.  

The event will take place in May 2023.

First NFT (non-fungible token) event: SAVE THE DATE: The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure

Limited edition of unique NFTs as are issued on Vandri platform as unique digital souvenirs as a gifts for selected journalists/media which will be able to utilise them by attending the unique event: The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure in Julian Alps in May 2023.

NFT is a digitally certified, unique and unrepeatable token that can be awarded in the form of a digital souvenir. The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure  NFT collection of 15 unique NFTs is listed on dedicated Vandri tourism NFT platform. Each of NFTs will be transferred into journalists/media digital wallets as a digital asset in form of unique picture with various motives from Julian Alps. Owners of NFTs will be able to utilise them in real life by attending the unique one time event organised by Julian Alps in May 2023.  

A few simple steps are required to install and connect digital wallet with Vandri platform. With creation of the digital wallet each owner will get unique wallet address. Sharing this address with issuer of the collection will enable issuer to transfer unique NFT into digital wallet of its owner - journalist. By receiving NFT in into digital wallet, ownership of the NFT will be transferred from issuer of the collection to journalist.  Journalist will have to keep the NFTs in their digital wallets until the start of The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure event and utilise it as a ticket to participate in this one in time event in May 2023.

This is another project that is part of the digitalisation of the STB. In recent years, the STB has managed to present Slovenia as a green, intelligent and innovative destination that follows and includes in the promotion and development the changes and opportunities offered by digital development, resulting in improved visibility, quality of services and tourism promotion of the area. This is also supported by the new Strategy for the Digital Transformation of Slovenian Tourism with the vision of Slovenia becoming an example of a smart destination that strengthens and encourages the development of sustainable, boutique, personalised and innovative experiences.

Owners of NFTs will be able to utilise them in real life by attending the unique one time event organised by STB and Julian Alps in May 2023.

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Julian Alps

The Julian Alps connect the most recognised Slovenian alpine tourist destinations such as Bled, Bohinj, Kranjska Gora and destinations in Soča Valley. Triglav, also the highest Slovenian mountain and the symbol of the country, reigns in the Julian Alps and lent its name to the only national park in Slovenia.

The Julian Alps offer an infinite range of hiking and cycling opportunities. From paths leading to natural sights of interest and gentle strolls in the valleys to wanders in the Alpine foothills and demanding ascents into the high mountains. Alongside charming towns and villages, beautiful landscapes and picturesque views, the Julian Alps is blessed with an incredible range of biodiversity and cultural heritage. 

Every season in the Julian Alps provides a different trove of traveling treasures. From more personal experiences in lush spring or colorful autumn, when you share the place with fewer people, to full-of-life summer and winter adventures.  


Sustainable tourism is a principle at the heart of the Julian Alps and the region includes many nationally and internationally recognised green destinations. Destinations within the region realized change only occurred from all of us working together. 

The Julian Alps Association was created as a collective partnership with a clear vision to showcase the region not only for tourism and commercial opportunities, but also with a biosphere plan to protect and sustain the environment and surroundings, and put nature at the forefront.

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The Julian Alps are blessed with an incredible range of biodiversity. One element of the Julian Alps’ biodiversity that makes it stand out is that it also occurs in the valleys and at higher altitudes. The meadows, forests, wetlands and mountains already harbour a huge variety of plant (more than 1,600) and animal (more than 7,000) species. In total, the Julian Alps Biosphere Reserve covers 195,723 ha.

To maintain this level of biodiversity and the natural ecosystem that surrounds it, a key focus of the Julian Alps’ latest tourism strategy is on how tourism can benefit the environment and the local communities. 

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The story about the Cock-of-the-woods

The Western Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus, also known as the Eurasian capercaillie, wood grouse, heather cock, cock-of-the-woods, or simply capercaillie) is the largest member of the grouse family in Slovenia. This primarily-ground-dwelling forest grouse is renowned for its courtship display.

The sad fact is that in the Triglav National Park the population is in steady decline, with up to 200 singing males on the roosts. As recently as 100 years ago, capercaillies were also singing near Ljubljana, at Rožnik, Šmarna Gora and Golovec. The Capercaillie needs old, over-lit forests with blueberry in the undergrowth (between 1,200 and 1,600 m above sea level) for its habitat. 

Like all grouse species, the Capercaillie is extremely sensitive to many forms of disturbance, in addition to inadequate forest management, especially to various forms of recreation and leisure activities in the forest area, which is particularly disturbing during the breeding and nesting season. 

We can help to ensure that the song of our largest bird does not fall silent in Pokljuka by consistently walking on marked trails, following visitor guidelines and not making any noise. 

The story about the Queen of the Alps

Alpine eryngo (Eryngium alpinum), a blue flower also called the Queen of the Alps, is a rare and protected plant in Slovenia. It flowers from July to September. It grows up to 80 cm. It can be found over 1500 m above sea level. The Lisc and Črna prst areas above Bohinj Valley are the most extensive areas of this prickly perennial in Slovenia.

Sadly, the status of the Alpine eryngo is assessed as unfavourable and is further worsening due to the abandonment of haying on the steep and undulating grassy slopes where the Alpine eryngo thrives, but also due to inappropriate visitation during the flowering period.

The protected area manager will take care of this mountain beauty by removing woody vegetation and haying the growing sites in late autumn, as well as by informing visitors and locals. 

We can help to keep the Queen of the Alps thriving in her kingdom by consistently walking on marked trails and following visitor guidelines.  

What is NFT, blockchain & Vandri platform?

Vandri is a global NFT tourism marketplace platform for exclusive travel experiences and digital products by tourist destinations and provides tourist, culinary, entertainment, wellness and health experiences. The platform is one of the first to step on the NFT in tourism that is becoming more and more popular.

Blockchain is a common and "unchangeable" data structure. It is defined as a digital register in which entries are grouped into "blocks" in chronological order, and whose integrity is ensured through the use of cryptography.

NFT (non-fungible token or non-reproducible token) is a special type of token that represents a ledger and certificate of authenticity written on a blockchain of a unique asset (digital or physical).

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