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Welcome to the land where love connects the diversity of nature and people.

2-day excursion / 15 – 16 May 2019 


On your journey from the capital to the Karst, from the sea to the Alps, you will be discovering, along with landscape diversity, the capital of Slovenia, major natural and cultural sights, and destinations for relaxation and active holidays.

  • Ljubljana, the green capital of a green country,
  • Postojna Cave, the underground kingdom of Karst,
  • enchanting Goriška Brda,
  • Lipica, the cradle of white horses,
  • Slovenian Coast, with picturesque small towns,
  • Bled, an iconic island with a wishing bell in the middle of an Alpine lake
  • Terme Olimia, the first selfness destination in Slovenia and the host of SIW 2019.  


Pre-tour "My Way of Feeling sLOVEnia" will first reveal the Slovenian capital Ljubljana - a lively green city combining the charm of a small capital nad the self-confidence of large European cities. Let us take a walk through the city centre, which is entirely closed for motorised traffic and ideal for admiring vivid architecture and the green embankments of the Ljubljanica River.

Our next goal will be the cave train in the Postojna Cave Park, the underground kingdom of stalagmites and stalactites, we will come to know yet another face of Slovenian waters that created unbelivable features and more than 10.000 caves in the karst landscape.

We will continue towards Goriška Brda, the sun-kissed wine country between the Alps and the Mediterranean. You will feel at ease immediately as the locals pamper your with homemade wine and delectable dishes. 

Next, the road will take us towards Lipica Stud Farm, to visit the magnificent white horses. Lipizzaners are the pride of Slovenia and Lipica Stud Farm is one of the oldest stud farms in the world. 

We will continue to the Slovenian Coast, to cosmopolitan Portorož and finish our day by the sea. 

We will start the next morning learning all about olive oil and Piran sea bass... And in the second part of the day, we will replace the Mediterranean postcard with Alpine impressions. You have certainly heard of the only Slovenian island - Bled, located in the middle of an emerald Alpine lake. Visitors can visit Bled Island by a traditional boat known as pletna. The image of paradise is completed by Bled Castle atop a high cliff above the lakeshore. 

We will finish our exploring in Terme Olimia, the first selfness destination in Slovenia and this year`s host of Slovenian Incoming Workshop.


We reserve the right to change or modify the routes.

POST-SIW Thematic Study Tours

Are you looking for some even more beautiful views? Indulge in the care-free discovery of sights and let every day be a new experience!

1-day excursion / 18 May 2019 


Fresh air and healthy waters are some of the key elements attracting lovers of green tourism to Slovenia. You will find all of the above when visiting Podčetrtek, which similarly to Ljubljana, Bled, Rogaška Slatina and Komen prides itself on the golden Slovenia Green label.

First, we will head to Olimje Minorite Monastery, which houses the third-oldest apothecary in Europe. And after our visit with the Friars, we will head to the Olimje Chocolate Shop - from chocolate figurines to truffels, from chocolate bars to dragèes and various selected chocolates - everyone can find their favourite. 

Did you know, that with four beekeepers per thousand inhabitants, Slovenia ranks among the world's beekeeping nations? Slovenia is definetely the land of bees and we will continue our discovering of the Posavje area at Kozmus Beekeeping Farm, where we will take a peek into the life of these amazing creatures. 

Our next stop will be the Podsreda Castle, one of the best-preserved and laid out castles in Slovenia. There is also a saying that Podreda Castle is "Slovenia's most catle-like castle"

After delicious lunch we will return to Terme Olimia. 

How to experience green Slovenia? Through activities involving the greatest natural special features.

2-day excursion / 18 – 19 May 2019


The tour is fully booked.

  • Velika Planina, the largest shepherds' settlement in Europe,
  • Radol'ca, a town of sweet adventures on the doorstep of Julian Alps,
  • Bohinj and Julian Alps, an oasis of peace and pristine nature, 
  • green SIW picnic at Dvor Jezeršek not far from Ljubljana's airport.


The end of spring is when the cowbells out on the Alpine pastures of the Velika Planina plateau start ringing, announcing the arrival of herdsmen. It's a magical plateau with one of the largest herdsmen's settlement in Europe. 

After learning all about the shepherds, we will head to Radol'ca - the centre of Slovenian apiculture, a town boasting unique medieval buildings adorned with frescos, with some of the buildings dating as far back as the 14th century. 

Next, the road will take us towards Lake Bohinj, which lies in the heart of the Triglav National Park and is the largest Slovenian natural lake, nested at the foot of unspoilt mountains and mountain tops. Dinner and overnight in the paradise valley, embraced by the Julian Alps. 

Next morning, we will take the cable car up to Mount Vogel and enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. After breathing-in the fresh mountain air and magnificent panorama views, we will return to the valley and take a peek into the real life of local people.

 Where will you be welcomed by healthy Slovenia? At spas and health resorts!

2-day excursion / 18 – 19 May 2019 


Experience the beneficial effects of health-promoting Slovenia for yourself: explore what the selected health resorts and wellness centres of this land that is rich in thermo-mineral waters have to offer. Already the Romans trusted the beneficial powers of these natural sources!

  • Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice, with black thermal and mineral water, 
  • Rogla - Zreče, enjoy the hospitable climate of the green Pohorje hills,
  • Thermana Laško, where the thermal water forms special crystals,
  • Rimske Terme, where your well-being is taken care of with excellent wellness and health treatments,
  • green SIW picnic at Dvor Jezeršek not far from Ljubljana's airport.


On our tour we will first explore Terme 3000 Moravske Toplice. Black thermal and mineral water, the warmest in Slovenia, serves as the basis for the health, wellness and swimming services at the spa, which is located in the middle of the Pannonian Plain, at the heart of Prekmurje region. 

Next, the road will take us towards Štajerska region and after lunch, we will get to feel the mighty forests of Pohorje with all our senses at Terme Rogla - Zreče. Have you ever had a tea party in the middle of the woods?

The next day we will head to Thermana Laško, a spa located directly on the river in a town, devoted to development of affordable tourism and brewing traditions. We will continue our journey through picturesque scenery all the way to Rimske Terme, where Romans built hot-water and cold-water pools already in 39 A.D. 

In addition to healthy food, a healthy lifestyle also includes active leisure time. The green environment offers plenty of opportunities for various activities in all seasons.

2-day excursion / 18 – 19 May 2019


The tour is fully booked.

Climb a summit. On foot or by bike. Enjoy lovely ski slopes with your children. Feel the adrenaline. Inhale freshness. In the middle of green forests, on a horse, next to water, on golf courses. Enter the world of active adventures.

  • Kolpa, European Destination of Excellence,
  • Dolenjska & Otočec, with the only Slovenian castle situated on a river islet,
  • green SIW picnic at Dvor Jezeršek not far from Ljubljana's airport.


We will head to the southernmost part of Slovenia, where very special stories emerge in the area uniting five ethnic groups. Allow yourself to be tempted by the alluring flow of the Kolpa river and explore its secrets. On foot, with a bicycle or in a raft - which will be your way? 

After lunch we will continue towards Otočec, the jewel of the Dolenjska region famous for the charming castle on an islet rising from the mists of the Krka river. And not to forget to mention one of the longest and most appealing golf courses in Slovenia and a variety of outdoor activities, all wrapped-up with delicious gastronomy and Cviček, the king of Dolenjska wine cellars. 

The next morning we will test the waters of Krka river, before concluding our socialising. 



We reserve the right to change or modify the routes.

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