Advice for an effective presentation at an event abroad

Before registering and taking part in business events organised or sponsored by the Slovenian Tourist Board, read the advice and useful information below.

Terms and conditions for participating at tourism trade conventions and business exchanges in 2018

The general terms and conditions set forth the conditions for participating at expert tourism trade shows and business exchanges in 2018, which you can take part in using the stand set up by the Slovenian Tourist Board. 

The stand is an exhibition space set up by the STB in a leased space within the convention grounds in order to present the Slovenian tourist offerings – local tourist boards, municipal tourist departments, TO/TA, carriers, hotel companies, and other providers of tourist services (hereinafter: STS – Slovenian Tourism Sector). According to these general terms and conditions, a client can be a legal or natural person who is the main applicant on the registration and who participates at a tourist trade show or business exchange as an exhibiting entity as a result of filling out an application form, and who hires exhibition space (a counter, a table, or both) at the trade show or business exchange for exhibiting or presenting the Slovenian tourist offerings pursuant to the general terms and conditions.

Please find the general terms and conditions for participating at tourism trade shows and business exchanges following the links below:

Business exchanges in 2018

Tourist trade conventions in 2018

Read about additional measures for more effective presentations at events

How to highlight your offerings as the central topic of a trade show or business exchange

We allow you to stand out and prepare an effective presentation at a selected event organised by the STB, resulting in the visitors to the trade show and business partners remembering you that much more. The central themed presentation at a stand is related to your contents. You can let us know your wishes and ideas at or contact the person responsible for a particular event.

Also read additional information on cooperation methods.

How can you submit promotional materials?

We offer everyone who has registered for an event organised by the STB transportation for the promotional materials that you will be using to carry out your presentation at the event. To facilitate better organisation, the parcel with the promotional materials must be suitably labelled beforehand.

For labelling, use the Submit Form.

Contact information for submitting promotional materials:

Distribution Centre – Slovenian Tourist Board
Brnčičeva 51, SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone no.: 01 500 08 70
Fax: 01 500 08 72
Office hours: 9 am -12 pm (noon)



The content below can also help you decide which events abroad you would like to register for.

Business event calendar

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Business event calendar


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Research and reports


Tourism in numbers

Data on tourist arrivals and overnight stays in Slovenia.

Tourism in numbers


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