Four times golden, twice silver

Published: 10.4.2019

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Four times golden, twice silver

This year's ITB was all about awards for Slovenia: four gold and two silver Golden City Gate Awards, an award by the FVW Magazine, Germany's leading professional magazine for tourism and business travel numerous, which declared Slovenia the winner of the Destination Ranging Central Europe 2019, the Sustainable Top 100 Destinations awards by Green Destinations and Travelife certificate. We could not be prouder.

Four times golden, twice silver

The STB submitted six projects for the Golden City Gate awards and received flattering awards for all of them, highlighting outstanding contributions to multimedia communications in tourism. This is a great success for the promotion of Slovenian tourism because 148 projects from 35 countries were registered in 24 categories.

We were awarded four gold medals by the international jury. The first award was received in the category of digital campaigns, entitled Make New Memories in Slovenia and Share them with us. The second gold in the innovation category was awarded to the STB for successfully carrying out the project Stories on Instagram @feelslovenia, inspiring tourists in a useful, understandable and attractive way to visit various destinations in Slovenia.

In the category of printed promotion, Media Kit was the winner, representing an important promotional tool for presenting key products of Slovenian tourism to the media, social network influencers and public relations agencies. The STB also received gold in the category of international campaigns for four videos entitled Natural elements of Slovenia: Earth.Water.Fire.Air. which were created as part of a multi-channel campaign in partnership with National Geographic.


The STB also received two silver medals in Berlin. The first one was awarded in the eco-tourism category for the video Alpe Adria Trail and the second silver in the category of new inspiring content on the leading destination websites in the Slovenian central tourism portal

You can read more about the awards here.

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