Experiences of nature on tourist farms in Slovenia

Published: 27.2.2019

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Experiences of nature on tourist farms in Slovenia

The most genuine Slovenian experiences are experiences away from the crowds and the rat race. In greenery and peace. In the idyll of the countryside, in intimate connection with nature and people, their culture, life wisdom, customs and cuisine. 

Experiences of nature on tourist farms in Slovenia

Over a third of Slovenia's territory lies in the protected NATURA 2000 area, and the country is covered with a network of farms, organic farms and tourist farms. If you combine both, you are in for an authentic Slovenian experience.

Visit the countryside and spend the night at a tourist farm where you will be well fed. It is difficult to find a place where you can eat more healthily, as their pots are full of only local, seasonal and fresh produce, from which treats of traditional Slovenian cuisine have been made for centuries. At tourist farms, you can relax and rest. You will stay in comfortable rooms most of which are equipped with everything a modern person needs, and you will get night peace and the morning singing of birds, to which you can wake up, for free.

Particular tourist farms are specialised. There is something for children and families, for bikers and hikers, or you can opt for wine-growing farms or farms devoted to organic food production. And do not forget about the many daily activities, from hiking to cycling or enjoying one of many Slovenian natural spas.

Immerse yourself in the pleasant feeling of homeliness and relaxation.

More information is available here and for an easier choice of a tourist farm, you can download a pdf catalogue.

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