Slovenia is in World's Top 10 Sustainable Destinations

Published: 28.3.2018

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Slovenia is in World's Top 10 Sustainable Destinations

In the field of sustainable tourism in Europe, Slovenia is the best. This news hit the headlines, after the World's Top 10 Sustainable Destinations have been unveiled at ITB Berlin. But that was not all, the Slovenian Tourist Board received two additional awards.

Slovenia is in World's Top 10 Sustainable Destinations

The World’s Top 10 Sustainable Destinations have been announced at ITB Berlin. From 100 top-sustainable destinations, the international jury first selected 32 finalists and among them, destinations carrying the label Slovenia Green Destination as well as Ljubljana and Podčetrtek as Slovenia Green Destination Gold were awarded "Best in Europe" in the category Best of Planet. With this award, Slovenia ranked among the top 10 most prestigious destinations in the World’s Top 10 Sustainable Destinations 2018 category.

The award show was organised by Green Destinations, TravelMole, ITB Berlin and another ten leading global organisations and networks in the field of sustainable tourism, as they wished to highlight successful stories, exchange best practices, and contribute to the upgrade of tourism and its improvement. This way, they encourage individual destinations to be even more dedicated to sustainability.

At the Golden City Gate international media festival, happening at ITB Berlin, in the field of best promotional materials with tourism content out promotional video “Feel pure love” and the publication Cultural Experiences got awarded with second place.

The “Feel pure love” video was produced in cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Board and RTV Slovenia (director: Danijel Vrbec). It encompasses seven lengthier themed promotional videos, which use the story-telling approach to show Slovenia as a green destination with a sustainable focus. This series of videos takes the viewers through the beauties of Mediterranean Slovenia, Alpine Slovenia, Ljubljana, the Karst, forests, waters, Slovenian cuisine, and Slovenia as a whole. The Cultural Experiences publication was published by the Slovenian Tourist Board as it defined culture as a leading topic of Slovenian tourism in 2018/2019 and to commemorate 2018, the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The publication was published in Slovenian, English, German, Italian, and French with the goal of supporting and promoting the development of cultural tourism  in Slovenia.

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