Sounds Like Slovenia

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Sounds Like Slovenia

What does Slovenia sound like? Slovenia’s soundtracks are now available on Spotify and

Sounds Like Slovenia

Are you ready for an immersive (audio) adventure through Slovenia? The Slovenian Tourist Board proudly presents Sounds like Slovenia, a captivating soundtrack library hosted on Spotify. Complementing this auditory delight is the dynamic Sound Stories from Slovenia subpage on, where sound recordings are incorporated into inspiring stories, offering deeper insights into their origins.

Unveiling the Audio Stories

Thematic playlists on Spotify guide listeners through the essence of Slovenian tourism. Covering nearly 50 locations across the country, the sounds are categorized into five thematic strands: the Sounds of Nature, Thrilling Outdoor Adventures, Cities and Culture, Health and Well-Being and Gastronomy.

With headphones on, embark on a soothing journey, or let the melodies of adventure quicken your heartbeat. Listen to the rhythmic waves of Moon Bay, lose yourself in the serenity of Kočevje Forest, carve through the snowy slopes of Peca, wander the bustling streets of Ljubljana, taste the aroma of freshly baked potica, or find inner peace at Slovenia's renowned spas.

Crafted for the Global Digital Campaign

Sounds Like Slovenia is a highlight of this year’s global digital campaign, our ongoing quest for innovative ways to captivate travelers worldwide. Join us on this audio journey and let the sounds of Slovenia create unforgettable memories.

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