Slovenia is safe and open for tourists

Published: 11.8.2023

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Slovenia is safe and open for tourists

Slovenia's peak tourist season is in full swing despite the floods last weekend, which hit certain destinations and impacted travel. Nevertheless, most of Slovenia remains fully functional, assuring a pleasant getaway. Destinations and tourism providers are doing their best to offer guests a safe and comfortable stay, and the best travel experience, which Slovenia is known for.

Slovenia is safe and open for tourists

While the severe floods over the last weekend did lead to localized disruptions, it is important to note that most of Slovenia remains fully operational, eager to welcome guests and ensure unforgettable holiday experiences. The STB is in constant contact with the tourist destinations and does our best to ensure our guests have up-to-date information about the current situation in specific destinations, as well as numerous practical tips and useful links, to make your stay in Slovenia as carefree as possible. 

The summer season is ideal for exploring cultural treasures, embarking Slovenian Coast, indulging in wellness retreats, or savoring exquisite culinary delights. Slovenia's diverse attractions and warm hospitality will leave lasting memories and a desire to return. 

Do not miss Slovenia's picturesque coastline, adorned with sun-soaked coastal towns also known for producing wine, olive oil, and salt, or wander amongst the orchards, vineyards, and romantic villages in Brda. Ensure you include a visit to the renowned Lipica Stud Farm, the historic birthplace of the world-famous Lipizzaner horses, listed on UNESCO's Representative List of the World’s Intangible Heritage.

The captivating Karst region is another must-see. With around 13,000 caves, including the breathtaking Postojna Cave, Europe's largest cave system, and the UNESCO-listed Škocjan Caves, Slovenia is a paradise for cave enthusiasts.

Explore the charming cities as well: the capital Ljubljana invites you to wander its scenic streets, while Maribor, the second-largest city, boasts the world's oldest vine, symbolizing the city's rich viticultural heritage. If your heart beats for more into nature, the Pohorje Hills will captivate you with extensive forests, peat bogs, and lakes.

For those seeking spa experiences, numerous natural spa resorts like Rogaška Slatina, known for its revered mineral-rich springs, Dobrna Spa with its blend of modern treatments and historic charm, and Terme Olimia Spa with luxurious pools, offer holistic wellness rejuvenating escape.

In the eastern part of Slovenia, the Pomurje region  a serene haven with rolling hills, vineyards, and quaint villages. Visit Expano, an interactive pavilion, to explore the region's wonders through cutting-edge technology, interactive exhibits, and captivating events. Further south, you can visit Dolenjska and enjoy idyllic moments among vineyards or make unforgettable romantic memories at the charming Otočec Castle. If you want to spoil your taste buds, walk through the rich tradition of craftsmanship and taste the pristine tastes and wines of Bela krajina.

Lastly, do not overlook Slovenia's breathtaking outdoors. Dive into the Soča Valley for exhilarating adventures and soak in the natural beauty of Slovenia's haven for nature lovers. Additionally, the valley has become a gastronomic hub under the renowned chef Ana Roš, world's best female chef in 2017. She has masterfully merged the valley's natural splendours with exceptional gastronomy, earning Hiša Franko two Michelin stars. Or immerse yourself in the wonders of Slovenia's famous Alpine areas—Bled, Bohinj, which promise to create enduring memories.

As a travel tip, we recommend that travelers headed to certain areas—parts of Upper Savinja Valley, Koroška, Kamnik, and Škofja Loka—stay updated on the latest conditions by checking local sources and accommodations before embarking on their adventures. Some areas might still be in recovery, and it is important to be well-informed to ensure safe and smooth experiences.

For essential tips and advice, the Slovenian Tourist Board has compiled information available HERE.

For inspiration, latest summer stories, and events, visit www.slovenia.infoIf you have further questions, feel free to reach out at:

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