Naturally Yours - Taste, Feel, Love

Published: 31.7.2023

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Naturally Yours - Taste, Feel, Love

Jointly, the Slovenian (STB) and Croatian (HTZ) Tourist Boards in the USA present the "Naturally Yours – Taste, Feel, Love" campaign, elevating Slovenia and Croatia as alluring year-round destinations. The project is backed by the European Commission's Co-branding of Promotional Campaigns via European Travel Commission (ETC).

Naturally Yours - Taste, Feel, Love

The campaign features a shared sub-page on and digital ads across the platforms and social profiles of the esteemed US media, Conde Nast Traveler and Wanderlust. Additionally, a joint YouTube campaign will showcase promotional videos, while a workshop for key agents and partners in the US market will take place as the year draws to a close.


"The USA, a key distant market for Slovenian tourism, receives dedicated attention from the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) with continuous, targeted efforts. Engaging discerning guests, the STB conducts a comprehensive global digital campaign and works with esteemed associations like USTOA, Virtuoso, and Signature, along with influential media outlets such as National Geographic and CNN. Hosting US tour operators and journalists in Slovenia further enhances visibility. Additionally, Slovenian basketball star and tourism ambassador Luka Dončić opens doors to the US market. Notably, the high-profile 'I Feel Slovenia Night' event in Texas, organized in partnership with Dončić's club, the Dallas Mavericks, featured a promotion and investment conference, including a Slovenian tourism workshop. Building on these successful endeavors, the STB, in partnership with the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) and the European Travel Commission (ETC), eagerly anticipates the joint promotion in the USA to fortify the remarkable tourism achievements of both countries," stated MSc. Maja Pak, Director of the STB.

Kristjan Staničić, the director of the Croatian Tourist Board, further emphasized excellent cooperation between HTZ, STB, and ETC, with financial support from ETC for this joint promotional campaign: “Drawing from previous successful joint projects in distant markets like China and Australia, Croatia and Slovenia aim to spotlight their natural heritage, active tourism, mono-gastronomy, culture, and sustainable travel offerings in the USA. Confident in capturing the interest of American travel enthusiasts, the campaign strives to bring both countries, as well as Europe as a whole, closer as the premier global destination of choice."

The US market is the most important distant market for both Croatian and Slovenian tourism. By the end of April last year, American tourists have contributed nearly 18,000 arrivals and 43,000 overnight stays in Slovenia, reflecting an impressive growth of 68% in arrivals and 62% in overnight stays. Projections indicate that by year-end, these numbers will approach or even surpass the record-breaking figures of 2019, which saw close to 149,000 arrivals and over 323,000 overnight stays by US visitors.

In Croatia, the eVisitor data reveals remarkable progress, with approximately 170,000 arrivals and more than 440,000 overnight stays registered from the US market this year. This represents a substantial growth of 59% in arrivals and 37% in overnight stays compared to the same period last year. Croatia is well on track to surpass its previous milestone achieved in 2019 when American tourists accounted for over 655,000 arrivals and 1.8 million overnight stays.

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