Slovenia Unique Experiences

Published: 9.9.2020

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Slovenia Unique Experiences

4 new experiences added to the Slovenia Unique Experiences collection.

Slovenia Unique Experiences

Slovenian Tourist Board confirmed 4 new Slovenia Unique Experiences: “Five senses, two ladies and a herb garden”, “The Intiniti Wine Bliss mindful experience through the stories from Goriška Brda”, “Discover the natural habitat of bears” and “Dreamy nights in a hayloft at the Firbas Homestead”.

Five senses, two ladies and a herb garden

Enter the magical world of herbs growing in a former monastery's garden in the company of experienced herbalists. This inspirational experience will stimulate your senses and self-awareness.

The Intiniti Wine Bliss mindful experience through the stories from Goriška Brda

Feel the power of the Brda soil, discover the traditions of the region and taste the nearly forgotten ritual wine, inspired by the tradition of the Staroverci—the Old Believers.

Discover the natural habitat of bears

Enter the world of the mysterious forests of Kočevje and explore the nature in all its primal glory. This area is home to the largest brown bear population and the highest number of primeval forest remnants in Europe.

Dreamy nights in a hayloft at the Firbas Homestead

Experience the charm of the Slovenian countryside at one of the most traditional homesteads in Prlekija.


Why choose Slovenia Unique Experiences?

Slovenia Unique Experience is a label for the most unique 5-star tourist experiences. Every holder of the Slovenia Unique Experiences labelawarded by the Slovenian Tourist Board, ensures that its offer is local, authentic, unique, experiential, boutique, sustainably green, of premium quality. Choose among a variety of tailor-made experiences.

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