Green & safe - responsible travel standards in Slovenian tourism

Published: 10.6.2020

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Green & safe - responsible travel standards in Slovenian tourism

Now is the time to act in a responsible, safe and sustainable manner.

Green & safe - responsible travel standards in Slovenian tourism

At this time of uncertainty due to the emergence of the novel coronavirus, success in the tourism industry depends on guests' trust in being able to spend holidays in Slovenia without compromising their health and safety. The changes caused by the pandemic have now made it even more important than ever that tourist destinations and tourist service providers should be able to preserve, through unified action and mutual cooperation, all that we have so far achieved through joint efforts in Slovenian tourism.

In planning and tackling new challenges, we can help ourselves with the content, solutions, and tools provided by the Manual on responsible travel standards in Slovenian tourism. The manual provides information on:

  • hygiene standards, measures and recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health that are applicable to the tourism industry in Slovenia;
  • opportunities that Slovenia, as an already well-established green, active and healthy destination, can provide at a time when tourists around the world are paying special attention to the choice of safer, customised and boutique tourist accommodations, programmes and experiences;
  • communication tools that, under the general promise of Slovenia as a green and safe country, highlight 10 key content areas that can also be used in your communication


Manual: Responsible Travel Standards of Slovenian Tourism

We maintain and increase trust in the "I feel Slovenia" brand by establishing responsible travel standards in tourism. We have joined them into the new GREEN&SAFE label to designate and highlight superior hygiene standards and protocols, and sustainable recommendations for tourist service providers and destinations. Through activities based on safety, responsibility and sustainability, we increase our guests' trust in Slovenia as a green and safe tourist destination.

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