Slovenia Unique Experiences

Published: 10.6.2020

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Slovenia Unique Experiences

Don’t be just a visitor become an explorer of Slovenia’s most unique stories. Experience the Soča Valley.

Slovenia Unique Experiences

Experience the richness of crystal-clear waters in the middle of the Julian Alps. Feel, taste and soak up nature's powers and discover it in the ingredients of a unique bread and cheese.

Find shelter in the middle of the Julian Alps and experience an authentic feel of nature. Discover the crystal-clear waters that can be mostly found in the Triglav National Park and find out what they taste like. Admire one of the most majestic waterfalls in Europe and be amazed by Loška Koritnica, the valley of a hundred waterfalls. Drink from a spring next to a small gothic church, the construction of which remains a mystery to this day. Photographers will especially enjoy the Virje Waterfall, embellished with a charming green lagoon underneath. Enjoy in the beauty of authentic nature while rafting on the clear rapids of the Soča River.

Feel nature's power in the local food and its ingredients. Dine on the terrace of a boutique hotel under the starry sky, listen to the chirping of crickets, and enjoy in the food prepared by a renowned chef from a Michelin-star restaurant. Bake excellent sourdough bread, witness the milking of cows and taste the exquisite cheeses from the mountains of Posočje. Escape into mountain peace, discover more here.

Why choose Slovenia Unique Experiences?

Slovenia Unique Experience is a label for the most unique 5-star tourist experiences. Every holder of the Slovenia Unique Experiences labelawarded by the Slovenian Tourist Board, ensures that its offer is local, authentic, unique, experiential, boutique, sustainably green, of premium quality.

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