A fresh start for the Linhart Hotel in Radovljica

Published: 10.6.2020

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A fresh start for the Linhart Hotel in Radovljica

The charming boutique hotel set in the old town of Radovljica is now run by the renowned Slovenian chef, Uroš Štefelin.

A fresh start for the Linhart Hotel in Radovljica

A thoroughly renovated seventeenth century building in Radovljica houses the boutique Linhart hotel, which has since January been run by a renowned Slovenian chef Uroš Štefelin and his business partner Marcela Klofutar.

A four hundred years old house in the old town center of Radovljica was thoroughly renovated and turned into a hotel already three years ago. Now, it has been taken over by the renowned caterers, Marcela Klofutar and chef Uroš Štefelin, who run the renowned Vila Podvin in the nearby village of Mošnje and who had long searched for an appropriate place to launch a smaller, simpler restaurant. They have found it at Linhart Hotel. While the core business of the hotel remains the same as before – the hotel features 10 rooms – the ground floor café has been transformed into a bistro offering simpler food, such as stews, focaccia, salads and desserts. Wines are mostly biodynamic and sparkling. 

The hotel is named after a well-known 18-century Slovenian playwright Anton Tomaž Linhart who lived in the neighbouring house.

Further information is available here.

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