SIW – Why choose Slovenia?

Published: 18.2.2020

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SIW – Why choose Slovenia?

We revealed the location of the Slovenian Incoming Workshop just before the New Year – the coastal town of Portorož. Now, we invite you to register for the event which will take place from 14 to 16 May 2020.

SIW – Why choose Slovenia?

The Slovenian Incoming Workshop (SIW) is the flagship B2B tourism event in Slovenia which offers time-efficient meetings with renowned Slovenian tourism providers. SIW is the perfect opportunity to establish and strengthen business partnerships between foreign tour operators and tour agencies and the representatives of Slovenian tourism industry.

Why register, you ask? Among all the destinations in the world, why choose Slovenia? With a myriad of invitations to business events, why visit this small country in Europe? There are many answers to these questions. Slovenia offers unique experiences in a diverse geographic area. SIW always takes place in a spectacular location, where exceptional people meet best business partners. At SIW, new ideas arise and new business stories are written in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Come to Slovenia, the rest will happen.

Further information and registration available here.

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