Stories and wine


The current Slovenia Unique Experiences come from different Slovenian regions. In the far west, listen to the Story of a Soldier from the Isonzo Front, or venture on the Big Guy´s Wine Tour Experience in the east of the country.

Stories and wine

The Big Guy´s Wine Tour Experience taking place in Maribor and its surrounding area is the ultimate adventure for every true lover of wine. It involves a wine trip along beautiful wine roads, including the very photogenic one in the shape of a heart, and past the oldest vine in the world through personal encounters with excellent wine producers who are some of the top European biodynamic winemakers. A local guide, who is also a sommelier, takes the visitors on a journey through the colours, smells and flavours of supreme wines typical of the terroir found between the Alps and the Pannonian Plain.

The Story of a Soldier from the Isonzo Front is a product with explicit local identity and an exceptional authentic story that combines the elements of culture and gastronomy as well. Through the remains of the once war-time landscape where over twenty nations of four different religions and speaking eighteen different languages fought during the First World War, this experience addresses a valuable segment of researchers of the historical memory who wish to understand the identity of the location and its story.



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