A date with api experiences

Published: 11.6.2019

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A date with api experiences

Experience interesting stories created by bees and people. Visit beekeepers, try original bee products, learn about the long beekeeping tradition in Slovenia, and enjoy the therapeutic effects of apitherapy. 

A date with api experiences

Bees play an important role in nature, and for the survival of humankind too. We are very aware of this in Slovenia. Rich beekeeping tradition and blooming meadows and forests, which are home to the Carniolan honeybee, the indigenous Slovenian bee sub-species, are the foundation for today's apiculture boom. This is where the idea of World Bee Day, which was celebrated for the first time last year on 20 May, was born.

Today, you can learn about the Slovenian beekeeping tradition and the applications of bee products in very exciting ways. A manor houses a beekeeping museum in Radovljica, and many places offer visits to beekeepers, product tastings, and tours of typical apiaries and various beekeeping collections.

Have a honey picnic, create dishes and bee product objects, take a walk on a beekeeping educational path, or try to paint a beehive panel, a phenomenon in Slovenian folk art.

Beekeeping also creates new, more modern experiences, such as honey massages, inhalation of aerosols in apiaries, or resting while enjoying the pleasant buzzing of bees. Explore the land of bees, beekeepers and honey love. Certified providers of bee products, tourist farms, places of unique ethnological heritage and green nature await your visit.

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